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Prices for bus rentals in Madrid

Prices for bus rental

Precios de alquiler de autobuses en Madrid


Prices bus rental SPAIN MADRID

Our buses are particularly suitable for relatively large groups, associations may transfer seniors for both trips a day or several days. Also suitable for social events such as weddings or to transport guests to fairs, conferences or corporate event.

How prices are set bus rental

If you have rented passenger transport at different times, you may be there surprised that the prices of bus rentals have not had anything to do each time Why prices bus rental can vary so much from one case to another?

Transport companies do not have a fixed scale to take as a reference. For this reason, the prices of rental buses are set based on the factors involved in the service.

Prices for bus rentals : how they are calculated

Once brought into contact with a provider of this service, it asks all the details , and then calculates the prices for bus rental . To do this takes into account if a bus greater or lesser capacity, distance, planned spending fuel, travel time and if the service has special characteristics.

Prices for bus rentals can be significantly affected by these circumstances, and so, if for a service two conductors are needed because the traveling time exceeds eight hours and by law not allowed a driver to drive a vehicle for longer period, must be added to the budget the cost of this driver.

But besides such situations, the company policy also influences prices of bus rentals . There are companies that fit more and others that apply more generous margins, and so it is important to find one that without the quality of service is concerned, have a pricing policy bus rental moderate.

Torres Bus is a company that meets this premise, and offering outstanding service, do not charge prices for bus rentalexaggerated way. Contact us, ask price, and can see for yourself, if your need out rent minibus , we also have a large fleet of minibuses, minibuses and coaches with a capacity of 12 seats, 16 seats, 19 seats, 25 seats, 35 seats, 50 seats, 54 seats and seats up to 71.

Prices for bus rental for excursions

You’re wishing you could make your dream trip or just that visit to anywhere in Spain or elsewhere.

Well think no more phone Call us at +34 607372252 or write to the address info@torresbus.es or if you want to send us your quote online which is free.

Do not wait any longer and make your dream of making the trip you’ve always wanted is to fulfill requesting our company budget price bus rental for excursions

Prices of renting buses in Madrid and Toledo, we have the best market and a varied minibus and bus fleet. Call 607372252

Prices rent Bus

Prices rent Bus

We offer our buses hire the best market price for their excuriones Madrid or to transport guests of your social or business event.

Adolfo Suarez collect at the airport, at the station of Atocha Ave or any of the many stations both train and bus from the community of Madrid and elsewhere such as hotels or residences.

With the best prices rental buses in Spain and within the community of Madrid, the company bus rentals in Madrid, we consider the best as we are simpre at your disposal 24 hours a day on the phone number +34607372252 or you can send a quote to your email address info@torresbus.es or fill in the electronic form

Prices rent Bus

provided you. you need can be contacted at as more comfortable you are, and speaking of comfort, we have in our fleet with more comfort for your travels as comfortable as possible, because for us the main thing is our customers and our new customer

Prices rent buses

Safety, comfort, speed and a good price is what you will find in renting our buses. Ideal for large groups, our modern buses will transport you safely across the geography of the community of Madrid and if needed, throughout the national territory.

We rent our buses with driver and if required, we provide a tourist guide to accompany you on your quality outing one or more days

Prices rent buses


Prices for bus rentals for travel, weddings, events, airport transfers, communions, funerals, etc .. A whole world at your fingertips.

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