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Renfe strike in November 2015: minimum service schedules

Renfe strike in November 2015: minimum service schedules

These are the essential minimum services for the strike in October 2015 Renfe

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Convened new partial strikes in Adif that could affect travelers Renfe. The strikes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday, from 27 October to 17 December, from 9.30 am to 12.30 and from 22.00 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 03.00 on Wednesdays and Fridays. However, in all probability the strikes will have a minimal impact on the movement of trains as developed in times of little influx of travelers and staff only affect the conservation and maintenance of roads.

The Ministry of Public Works has established minimum services ahead of the strike in Renfe 2, 9, 16 and 23 October called by the CCOO, UGT and CGT unions for the months of September and October.

The minimum services in highspeed trains and long distance will be72%, while average distance will circulate between 65% and 63% of the trains were scheduled for that day. In suburban and FEVE minimum services decreed by Fomento be between 50% and 75% at peak times,and between 33% and 50% in the rest of the day.

For Catalonia, the Generalitat has established minimum services for thestrike in Renfe that are the same as those set out in the call for strike on September 4, 2015 .

The unions have called for partial strikes in Renfe and Adif every Friday from September 18 to October 23, in particular between 0.00 and 2.00 hours, between 13.00 and 15.00 and between 20.00 and 22.00. The days strike in Renfe will be on 18 and 25 September and 2, 9, 16 and 23 October. In the days not covered above the usual service provided and the trains will run on a normal schedule.


These minimum services for Renfe and Adif strike, which aim to reconcile the general interest of citizens and, in particular mobility needs with the right to strike of this group of railway workers.

In Catalonia, the Department of Enterprise and Employment of the Government has set the minimum services strike andRegional Rodalies Renfe in twothirds of normal service at peak times, and a third in the peak hours.

The minimum service order also provides that, in any event, have to provide the necessary infrastructure service so you can get cash transportation services.

During these days of strike scheduled for September and October , partial shutdowns will last 6 hours over shifts morning, afternoon and evening, and will affect Renfe Operadora, Renfe Travelers and Renfe goods as well as the infrastructure operator, Adif .

From September 4, every Friday is being made days of partial strikes in Renfe with follow – up of 4% according to the operator, although unions put the figure at 90%.

Will train itself, timetables Renfe strike in October

Renfe has published a list of trains AVE , long distance, middle distance and LVEF stated in the minimum services Renfe, ie trains will run during the strike itself September and October. The information published on the website includes a list of the trains during the strike in solitary minimum services during Friday September and October, between September 18 and October 23. The other days of the week, the trains will be normal for that day. Informationon essential services Renfe also will find the relationship of trains and minimum services for 2, 9, 16 and 23 Octoberwe recommend you consult if you should travel on these dates. Renfe says it has contacted the affected travelers to offer travel alternatives.

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Travelers affected by canceled trains, will be offered in the media as possible, travel on another train in the closest to the acquired schedule. If you do not want to make travel, they may cancel or change your ticket for another date at no cost.The cancellation or change operations can be performed on all sales channels Renfe .

minimum services Renfe in Catalonia

For trains operating in the area of the autonomous community of Catalonia, the Departament d’Empresa i Ocupació of the Generalitat de Catalunya has established the minimal services that affect Rodalies de Catalunya and Renfe regional trains departing from stations in Catalonia.

Specifically minimum services in Catalonia have been set at two thirds of normal service at peak times, and a third in the peak hours. For Catalonia, the minimum services decreed include all-day strike in September and October.

Schedule strike Renfe Barcelona, minimum information services in Catalonia (in Catalan):

  • Servei Viatgers essencial de transport of railway per Catalunya (serveis of rodalies regionals i) providing l’company Renfe Group. Vaga Divendres 18 i 25 of setembre 2, 9, 16 i 23 d’octubre →

What to do if your train is not in the minimum services Renfe strike in October 2015

As affected by the strike will attend a traveler Renfe rights must enforce . On this page are some tips that will be useful.

However, to minimize the inconvenience to its passengers, Renfe has decided to adopt a series of trade measures exception to the strike:

  • For travelers affected by trains suppressed, or do not wish to make their journey on the strike days, Renfe will discharge the full amount of their tickets, no cancellation fees or management, or other penalties; or they are provided with a new ticket for another date or train without exchange fees.
  • For those who have to necessarily travel on strike, they should be aware that, whenever possible, Renfe will offertravel on another train on the same conditions previously obtained the ticket.
  • In these cases, if the new itinerary must travel in a seat lower category to the original bill paid, Renfe refund the difference. Otherwise, if the trip is offered in highclass place, travelers will not pay the difference, except in places lying sleeper.

For other questions relating to changes and compensation for delays, see Huelga Renfe, information, advice and rights for travel by train .

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