A rental microbus or coach at my wedding?

It is one of the thousands of questions, which we always tend to do when renting any type of vehicle, since it is a spice in our lives day, the union of marriage, so we do not want that nothing goes wrong and above all, leave everything as best we can, so that you remain satisfied with us. we have various types and models microbus and coach

standard Microbus
VIP Microbus
Autocar standard
VIP Autocar
Also different capacity that is in 12 places, up to an incredible 70 seats, with great comfort and extras, all you need for your wedding.

We have drivers / uniformed chauffeur, for all kinds of services, because the main thing is the image of both the microbus or coach

as the driver / chauffeur.

Our services are a la carte, if the customer wants to travel from one point of the community of Madrid to another point already Toledo, Guadalajara, Avila or celebrate wedding in Germany, you just tell us the type of service since a good explanation when the budget request, we can ajustarle the price and even lend a hand when organizing the tour such as this budget:

Hi good afternoon, my name is Estefania and would be interested in making a rental microbus to transport my family, departing from Plaza Castilla (Barrio de Hortaleza) Madrid about 10:30 am and need a coach hire starting from Atocha (Madrid) for approximately 59 passengers, because some of the guests, this other bus is not what hour out as it is Wednesday, the other guests would have to pick them up at Puerta de Angel (Madrid) Puerta Toledo (Madrid), the final destination of each of the trips is the slag heap and the ceremony is at 12:30, this is what I say because they do not know how it can take about to reach a point of Madrid to another, then the ceremony will go to a farm, now can not remember the name but I commented as confirming me. the wedding is for the 15.10.2018.

Thank you so much

Our business will respond either via email or phone call, to have the wedding to the millimeter and leave everything set to not happen any setbacks, our business was the one who responded to putrefy Estefania:

Hello Good afternoon, Estefania, the microbus What capacity needs ?, have 12 seats, 16 seats, 20 seats, 22 seats, tell us and we will gladly budgeted capacity you want in a matter of coaches, one of them would come from Atocha approximately 9:30 because if there is jam just arrive at 12:00 and the other coach will also assume 55 seats, the departure time we recommend is that they are all on the same 9:30, better not put your hand in the fire as well if we got enough time.

if you have any other questions, you can call contatarnos by telephone on +34 607 372 252 or email our info@torresbus.es