Meet Torres Bus

[vc_row css = ”. vc_custom_1469828450302 {margin-bottom: 80px! important;}”] [vc_column] [vc_row_inner] [vc_column_inner] [/ vc_column_inner] [/ vc_row_inner] [ut_headerline title_linebreak on ”break =” title_mobilebreak on ”lead_break =” ut_headerlinebreak onlinebreak = ”lead_mobile =” title_linebreak = ”lead_mobilebreak =” on_linebreak = ”ut_headerbreak title_linebreak =" "A safe rental of buses and minibuses"] In our company we are aware that you as a user who requests a microbus or bus rental; First, a specific vehicle; with a certain capacity and above all with security in addition to comfort. [/ ut_header] [vc_row_inner] [vc_column_inner width = ”1/3 ″] [ut_service_column headline =” Responsibility ”icon =” fa fa-check ”] How many times have you had a problem at rent a bus; who has committed the and they have not given you any help or advice?
Torres Bus is not just any company; your opinion and valuation matters to us, that's why we care about you; by our customers, giving facilities and helping you solve problems or doubts you have
[/ ut_service_column] [/ vc_column_inner] [vc_column_inner width = ”1/3 ″] [ut_service_column headline =” Deal with the client ”icon =” fa fa-handshake-o ”] En Bus towers, we take the deal with our customers very seriously.

  • First and not least; the Bus rental in Madrid; This is a key factor, and thanks to this as a consequence we can say that we are one of the companies with the best cache of the Madrid's community.
  • Secondly; We value the comments you tell us, such as:
  • Request a vehicle with a large capacity of people.
  • Cleaning the bus.
  • Deal and kindness from our driver.

[/ ut_service_column] [/ vc_column_inner] [vc_column_inner width = ”1/3 ″] [ut_service_column headline =” Our mission ”icon =” fa fa-star ”]

At Torres Bus we are committed to providing the best quality that is in our hand; In addition to the treatment offered by our commercials, our drivers will also help you as much as possible to answer any questions

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Since as a new or old user in Bus towers we have always listened to you; more and more customers contribute their grain of sand to our technical department discussing how they would like the web.

Usually in other companies this type of comments is ignored; but ... we decided to take matters into our own hands and put into practice all your advice; On the other hand to improve the web we keep taking notes and making balance sheets.

For that reason; If you are already a customer, you will have noticed that the structure of our website is renewed monthly; in this way we facilitate access and above all; not putting much emphasis on the subject rent a bus o rent a bus in Madrid.

so for this reason it was the decision to listen and listen to our customers.

If you are interested or interested in helping us improve you can send us an email to or you can call us at +34 607 372 252[/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [vc_column_inner css = ”. vc_custom_1476122824274 {padding-top: 0px! important;}”] [/ vc_column_inner]