54 seater bus rental

Bus and bus rental 54 squares

Bus towers, buses of 54 squares one of the best dedicated to the discretionary transport of passengers; Being thus to a total disposition and showing the best possible treatment to all our clients. If you are looking for a with which to make an excursion, a tour, a wedding and much more do not spend more time doing silly searches call us at + 34 607 372 252 because the best advertising of our quality of service can not be any better that the word of our clients.

How to make the 54 bus rental places in Madrid?


54 seater bus rental

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Buses from 54 squares especially used for weddings, bachelor parties or single


54 seater bus rental

If you need help or have any questions about a bus or bus hire from 54 seats call us, and we will help you solve your doubts



54 seater bus rental
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How would it be to make a bus hire for 54 seats and that incorporates?

In the aspect of our Bus we have in each of them the best and latest technologies so that everything is available to our passengers and have everything at their disposal; Besides having the latest technology, we must also say that each of our Bus have the best seats ideal to rest after a strenuous tour or just to relax after having made a tour of a city or town with our 54 bus rental places.

If you want to take a guided tour, do not hesitate to ask for information in our company, since our purpose is to offer the best service to both our new and old customers, request information without any kind of commitment to get rid of doubts. Pay attention and do not wait any longer and Call us + 34 607 372 252 and tell us where you want us to make your trip with our bus rental 54 places and thus be able to realize his dream of enjoying with us his great experience.

If you do not want to make your budget through a call do not worry ask for your quote with us through our email info@torresbus.es and our commercials throughout the day will answer you.

What you should put when you send your budget to our mail about the bus rental of 54 seats:

What data does the company need for the bus budget?

1- Your first and last name

2- Email to answer the customer or a phone number

3- tell us the departure point of the trip and the time as well as the return and the day.

4- indicate the number of people that will exist at the event in order to assign a bus specific, in this case a bus of 54 pax.

5- Indicate to what point you want to attend and if the trip is going to be more than a single day it would be necessary to indicate if you are going to need the use of the bus to move or not.

Once indicated all this in the email will be received by our salespeople who will assign the price and then the mail will be sent back waiting for your confirmation accepting the amount said.

Torres bus .SL, we are here to serve you.

Call us now and enjoy one of the best companies In this sector, do not hesitate, do it.

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