Rental of buses for weddings in Madrid

In our company Torres Bus we offer our clients the best services with a good quality and price; he Rental of buses for weddings in MadridIt is one of our most requested services; since on this special day, you want to go both you and the comfortable guests on the trip.

But many times questions and doubts arise before hiring with a company because; What you want is for everything to come out to your mouth.

Real story: Lorena and Jose met 10 years ago, and they think about going to celebrate it at their favorite restaurant, Jose seizes the moment, to ask Lorena for marriage and of course Lorena says yes, and she starts getting nervous, just there is a year for the wedding and there are many preparations for the big day, it's time to organize the transfer of guests by bus.

Lorena and Jose, request a budget la bus company y Bus Bus minibuses and they tell you that there are some very important data that they have to contribute, in order to do the minibus budget, the wedding date, where the ceremony will take place, what itinerary will be done to transfer the guests by coach to the mass, after the wedding where the banquet will take place and most importantly, when the celebration ends at what time we have to make the return itinerary, which will be done to leave the guests safe and sound in their homes, we will make a single return or on the contrary we will have several hours back, do we know how many people will stay until the end? to have enough seats in coaches and minibuses and not leave anyone on the ground.


La bus and bus company Torres Bus, will advise you by organizing the correct itineraries and recommending which is the best way to optimize resources, so that the guest transportation service be as economical and efficient as possible, for the couple.


The next day, in less than 24 hours, Lorena and Jose, receive in their email, the budget with the optimized price. Once the price is accepted, they will be able to ignore everything, until a few days before the wedding, the bus and bus company Torres Bus, will contact them to make a new review of your reservation and gather the information and changes that you have taken into account during this time.


The week before the wedding, you will receive a report with the information regarding your booking of buses and with all the information of the same, that Lorena and Jose will have to review, so that everything is controlled in detail, the team of Bus Bus Coaches, goes to work and creates the work parts, for the drivers who will carry out the Wedding service and that they will be an exact copy of the data that Lorena and Jose have received.


The drivers of the buses for the wedding, the couple or bus attendant, will receive an email or SMS, which will indicate the name and mobile number, which drivers will have assigned to their reservation, while Lorena and Jose, spend their last day of singles.


En Bus Bus coaches, work is done so that everything goes perfectly, the Traffic Chief meets with the drivers assigned for the wedding service, to review the reservation and that there are no doubts about it.


The big day arrives, Lorena and Jose are calm, knowing that they do not have to worry about the transfer of your guests to your wedding, since they have hired a group of professionals, ensuring that everything goes as planned and willing to act quickly in the face of any setback.


The Traffic Chief of the bus company, thanks to the geolocation of the coaches and minibuses, will be aware that itineraries and schedules are being correctly fulfilled.


Lorena and Jose, have gathered their family and friends, and know that they will be on time to share with them, that important day since at the end of the day, the bus company Torres Bus, I will take you home safe and sound.


For this reason we advise you and we also offer a wide range of questions already asked by our clients.

Request a quote through whatsapp

If you want to request a quote via whatsapp, now it's easier than ever. Just fill in the fields that are generated automatically and give it to send. You do not need to record the contact number. It's so easy that just by giving the button you automatically redirected to our company's chat.


If you wish we also have the traditional method, filling in the form with the fields and specifying the places of collection and destination. You can fill in the field of travel specification in which you can detail each and every one of the stops.

A bus or minibus hire at my wedding?

First of all, this is one of the thousands of questions; that our clients always do to us and that they make themselves at the time of renting any type of vehicle; since, as we have previously commented; It is a special day in our life, the union of marriage.

For your choice of transportation; In our company we have different models and capacities that range from the 12 seats to the 71 seats. Giving the customer the option of being able to combine the vehicles to their liking.

The drivers with qualified and the comfortable vehicle?

All our drivers; They have their corresponding uniform to perform the services in such a way that they feel comfortable.

On the contrary, each and every one of our drivers have a professional qualification to develop the service. Each and every one of them has been passed through rigorous controls before being hired.


Can I choose the route of the bus in madird?

Obviously, all our services are à la carte; if the client wants to travel from a point in the community of Madrid; to another point such as: Toledo, Guadalajara, Avila, you only have to tell us the type of service; since a good explanation at the time of requesting the budget; You can adjust the price and even lend a hand when organizing the trip as for example this budget:

Hello good afternoon, my name is Azucena and I am interested in your service; since in the next month I have my marriage link and I would like to know; that they recommend me to transport my family; They are approximately 14 and approximately 59 passengers. The places of collection would be in Plaza Castilla and Atocha, the wedding is in the Almudena and the banquet in a farm next to Illescas.

Next, our sales people will answer you. To have a custom wedding and leave everything tight; Our commercial advised this client, to make sure that everything goes well and there is no setback:

Hello Good afternoon, Azucena, first of all we recommend a microbus 16 seats for your family.

For the transport of the guests, we recommend you to put 2 buses of 39 seats; in the case that in plaza castilla 30 invited guests and in atocha 29. On the other hand, if you know the guests that will go to each exit point; we would change the capacities so that the budget is more adjusted.

Otherwise we also offer the possibility of picking up the guests first in Plaza Castilla and then picking up those located in Atocha; with this I would only need a bus of 64 seats.

What price does a bus rental for a wedding have?

Although the service basically consists of the same thing; there is a factor that is not always the same in theBus rental for weddings Madrid. A wedding may be crowded and therefore requires several large capacity buses, or perhaps it is an intimate wedding to which a small number of people are invited and the service can be covered with one or several microbuses.

A coach hire for wedding in Madrid

To know that each ceremony is different and particular; has led to a conclusion to companies; This conclusion has been drawn from different types of services. It is for that reason; when we look for information about bus rental; prices rarely appear specified or closed in advance.

It is necessary to contact the company and explain the particularities of the case; so that it can provide us with a budget.

As usual; service Bus rental in Madrid; for this type of events, it is usually provided for a few hours; so transporting guests through this system does not usually entail high costs; resulting in a very popular and practical option.

But it is clear that not all cases are the same, so it is expected that there will be different prices if budgets are requested from different companies with different requirements.

In Torres Bus we have been working this market for some time, and those who turn to us, have always found a fundamental characteristic in our service ofhire of buses for weddingswith competitive prices.

bus hire for weddings prices

bus hire for weddings prices