Minibus rental of 25 people

Rental of minibuses of 25 squares: what can I rent it for?

25 seater minibus rental ✅ what can I rent it for? 🥇 25 seater minibus rental ⭐️ excursions through madrid ❤️ weddings ✅

Our Rental of minibuses of 25 seats It is ideal for outings on excursions both at the family level and at the school level, these minibuses have a great trunk, which is the best to leave your belongings and take them easily, and thus be able to perform the service with greater speed on time loading and unloading of luggage; turn to carry the most comfortable passengers.

If you want to hire this service Rental of minibuses of 25 seats only you have to call the phone +34 607 372 252 or simply if you do not want to make a call do not worry and simply send an email to Indicating all the data of your transfer and throughout the day you will receive an email, to the address that you have indicated with the amount of the cost of your service by our commercials.

minibus rental 25 seats
minibus rental 25 seats

Do not forget that the consultation of the budget either by call or email is completely free and without any commitment.

How are the minibuses of 25 seats, and how to make the rent?

Rental of minibuses of 25 seats  You can also hire him not only and exclusively to make a trip, but to make a trip, a Madrid airport transfer or whatever you want; you just have to call or write us.

Our minibuses will leave you enough space for all situations; It does not matter what you want to do, since everyone who goes in this minibus can enjoy maximum comfort and modern security systems.

Our minibuses are designed on the outside with a white color and its two sides stamped in different shades the silhouettes of emes, along with the name of the Torres bus company.

Inside, the seats are upholstered in fabric and leather in the headboard; also counts each of our rental of minibuses of 25 seats,  with built-in television, air conditioning system, fridge and a large trunk, which is ideal for storing your luggage, backpacks or suitcases; In addition to being so accessible that it is no trouble to open at any time, either at a stop or because a passenger needs something.

What should I do to make a rental of minibuses of 25 seats in Madrid?

If you want to contract with us our service rental of minibuses of 25 seats

  • Day of departure and return - Time of departure and return - Location of the place of departure and destination; indicate if movements will be made at the destination with the 25-seater bus or if it would only be to take and bring back; -number of people and whether or not you would carry luggage; - Telephone number, name and surname of the person requesting the budget to contact them either by email or a phone call.

If you want to confirm the budget and make the payment of the amount indicated by a commercial, you can do it through three different ways:

  • You can pay 40% of the total amount through a bank transfer and the rest 60%

at the moment the driver arrives and before performing the service.

  • You can pay 60% by bank transfer and the rest 40% by delivery to

driver .

  • You can make the payment in full through a bank transfer.

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