Can I rent a bus without a driver?

No, by law you can not rent a bus without a driver, since the maximum by law is 9 seats. Unlike us; There are other types of companies that rent these types of vehicles

How many seats does a minibus have?

Many times you'll ask how many seats a minibus has, well, you have different types and seats, ranging from 12 to 39 seats, however we also have 40 to 71 seats.

Meanwhile, I'll tell you about this article about seats of minibus

How much does a minibus rental cost for weddings?

Everything depends on different factors such as the number of guests, stops, destinations and type of bus or minibus.

However, here you have a link where you can solve the doubts about the rent mini buses for weddings madrid price

I would like to know if the buses have a bathroom?

The most popular Bus only the ones with more than 54 seats are taken. If you want to rent the bus, you can ask us for a quote

A 35 bus rental places a good choice

Of course!! as long as those who travel on the bus are a group of 35 seats.

If you need to know how to request the 35 Coaches hire Plazas Vip in Madrid