7 VIP seats minivan rental - LUJO Madrid

7 VIP seats minivan rental - LUJO Madrid

Company rental of coaches, minibuses, minivans and taxi service, Bus towers offers discretionary and custom service; as each client wants it.

Each of its vehicles is perfect for an excursion, a tourist route, a visit to a city, a bachelor party, a transfer to the airport, what you want to do, we do.

One of the services which offers the is the service to 7 VIP people, En a minivan 7 seats Vip; is a vehicle trained with 7 places, counting the driver's seat separately. Since as in each and every one of our vehicles the contract is with driver.

Recommended the rental of a minivan

This type of transfer is ideal for short journeys between cities, as it has 7 seats

Do you have doubts about the rent? call us at 34607372252

If you have questions or inquiries about the type of vehicle you want to rent, do not hesitate to call us by clicking on the phone icon.

Budget proposal ask for your budget without commitment rental of minivan 7 seats vip in madrid. Budget, by clicking on the icon

Rent minivan 7 seats vip Madrid

This the service It is ideal for a small group of people who wish to make any visit without losing the opportunity to travel in vip class.

This vehicle, a 7 minivan Vip seats it's from the house Mercedes, of a black exterior color giving a serious and discreet image; the interior contains a black and white leather upholstery, providing a very subtle color and combination.

If you are hesitating to hire or not with Bus towers, do not think about it anymore and ask for your budget totally free, which you can request or by calling 24 phone hours of the company +34 607 372 252 or you can do it by email info@torresbus.es ; If you decide to use the latter mode, you must indicate the following sections:

What data should I provide to the company to make the rental of minivan 7 seats vip in Madrid?

- Departure and return day; - Time of departure and return; - Location of the departure and destination site; indicate whether movements will be made at the destination with the 7 minivan Vip seats or else it would only be to bring and bring back; -number of people (maximum 7 to go on the 7 minivan Vip seats ) and whether you would carry luggage or not; - phone number, name and surname of the person requesting the quote to contact us or via email or a phone call.

The company is located in the Madrid area, Getafe and in Toledo are the offices.

How to make the reservation of the 7 vip van rental in Madrid?

Once you receive the message of a commercial indicating what it would cost you to make your trip / excursion in our Vip minivan, if you accept the amount you can make the payment in different ways:

- First option to pay 40% of the total amount through a bank transfer and the rest 60% at the time the driver arrives and before performing the the service.

- The second task is to make a payment of 60% by bank transfer and the rest 40% by delivery to the driver.

- Third option is to make the payment in full through a bank transfer.

The bank account number will go into an email that you will receive along with the cost amount of the the service.

Do not hesitate and ask for information to hire our the service de 7 minivan Vip seats.

Photos of our driver Jose Julio Quintas with our 7 minivan Vip seats

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