Children running ahead of parents walking on a country path during a family camping trip, selective focus
Children running ahead of parents walking on a country path during a family camping trip, selective focus

Tips for traveling with carefree children

Okay, you're organizing a family vacation: you did a bus rental To travel comfortable, you have already booked in the hotel or rented an apartment or cabin, you have your budget set and the bags are almost ready. However, there is something that worries you: how will your child react to the trip? Take a deep breath and read on, that traveling with children is not an impossible mission. For this reason we share some tips for traveling with children without worries.

Traveling as a family helps create special memories, capable of surviving over the years: memories that make you smile every time you review the photographs. At Torres Bus we know how important it is to travel as a family, so we offer you these tips for traveling with children without worries.

Involve your son. In this way, the trip will not take you by surprise. Show him pictures and maps, places of interest that you can visit, and ask which of those places you would like to go to. Provide information on where they will go: culture, history, gastronomy and illustrious characters. This will excite your child and put him to account for the days left to go on vacation. In addition, in case your child has an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) condition, getting him involved and preparing him for the place he wishes to visit will prevent you from going through a crisis.

Prepare the necessary documentation. The intention to travel is not enough: it is necessary to prepare the documentation of all family members, including your child's documents. Having your ID, passports and visa in order (only if necessary) is essential when planning a trip. It is recommended to process the European Health Card, which is valid for one year and is processed on the Internet. This card certifies the right to receive the necessary health benefits, during a short stay in the countries that make up the European Union.

In the event that the parents are separated and only one of the parents goes on the trip, it is important to notify the other parent and, if possible, bring in the documentation the divorce certificate and the signed consent. This documentation is useful for international and long-term travel, mainly.

Carry a first aid kit. This is especially recommended when traveling to the mountains or the road trip will be a bit long. Be sure to bring utensils for healing (in case your child suffers a fall), or some medicine to fight dizziness, headache and stomach ache.

Luggage. This scene is common for parents: you go out with your child for a walk, he goes with his clean clothes and everything seems perfect. You return home after a few hours and the clothes are completely dirty, in addition, your child urgently needs a bath. Now transfer all this to the trip you want to make, but don't overdo it! Don't fill your suitcase with things "just in case." Think carefully about what your child will wear and put them in the suitcase. Add a single extra change.

Flexibility. No matter how much you have planned the destinations they will visit, when traveling with your child the itinerary may change from one moment to another. You may want to spend a little more time at the zoo, or you were captivated with the planetarium's activities. Let him enjoy the trip and enjoy it with him.

At Torres Bus we know the importance of enjoying a trip with your child. The experiences and memories that you leave in the minds and hearts of all family members, especially in the minds of the little ones, will stay with them for a lifetime. Contact us To know more about our services.

Teacher and children touching tree trunk in forest during field trip
Teacher and children touching tree trunk in forest during field trip

Madrid with children: fun plans for the whole family

Madrid is a charming city, full of history and incredible places to visit. Surely for this reason you decided to make a rental of minibuses and stroll through this beautiful city in the company of your family. However, if you have young children, you probably don't want to be almost immobile visiting one of Madrid's wonderful museums: you need fun plans for the family.

What places to visit if you travel to Madrid with children?

Madrid has a wide range of leisure activities for children, which makes Madrid a perfect city to enjoy with the family. Here are the best Madrid options for family fun:

Madrid amusement park. It is a fairly popular place, visited by locals and tourists alike. It has more than 30 attractions and is ideal for a family fun day. It is possible to take a boat ride through a jungle or take a ride on the mini roller coaster. Adults can try the free fall at the attraction called the Shuttle, or take the risk offered by the Paseo Tornado.

Amazon adventure. These are two parks (one in Cercedilla and one in Pelayos) that have circuits between the trees. Emotions and adventure to the fullest. If your family likes to explore and venture, this plan is for you. You can walk in the company of your family high in the trees or in circuits not so far from the ground.

Madrid Planetarium. Being on top of a tree is an incredible feeling, but the emotions that you will live in the Madrid Planetarium is another level. The Planetarium belongs to the city council of Madrid and is located inside the Enrique Tierno Galván Park. It offers its visitors several exhibitions of scientific content: the exhibition of astronomical images made by the astrophotographer Rogelio Bernal Andreo, the ESA exhibition, Europe in space, which shows the scientific work of the European Space Agency, making use of images and models ; and an exhibition that, through interactive experiments, explains the phenomena caused by climate change.

The Enchanted Forest. It is a unique botanical garden in Europe. In this place you will enjoy the magic and beauty of the living sculptures made by Topiary art artists in Europe, which total approximately 300 sculptures. In addition, the Enchanted Forest is complemented by its labyrinths and exhibits of cacti, bonsai, aromatic plants and many plant species from around the world that are planted throughout the park. In addition, within the Enchanted Forest a stream transits and, in one of the corners of the garden, falls one of the few natural waterfalls of the Sierra Oeste, the Barbellido waterfall An unforgettable experience!

Burrolandia It is a non-profit animal protector, whose main objective is to prevent the extinction of the donkey and, consequently, do everything possible for the welfare and survival of donkeys. But, in addition to caring for donkeys, the association hosts several species, such as dogs, cats, goats, chickens, ducks, peacocks and turtles, among others. Admission to Burrolandia is free, but it is necessary to make a reservation from its website.

At Torres Bus we know that family vacations are unforgettable moments for everyone, especially for children. To make fun plans for the family, We have rental service for minibuses, minibuses, buses and coaches, and we can help you chart the ideal route for your vacation. Contact us To know more about our services.

Young man travel with his dog by public transportation. Labrador retriever lying on the floor of the tram.
Young man travel with his dog by public transportation. Labrador retriever lying on the floor of the tram.

How to travel with pets by bus

The trips are to share with your family, friends, partner and, why not? your pet. It is logical to want to spend time with your pet, because it is an unconditional friend who awaits your return home when you go to work: he is with you in good times and in bad times, without exception. Some bus companies They allow users to travel with small pets, complying with the regulations established by Spanish laws. The regulations for traveling with pets by bus are as follows:

  1. Usually, only bus travel with dogs is allowed, although some bus lines admit cats, ferrets and birds, as long as they are small.
  2. The weight of your pet (dog, cat, ferret, birds) should not exceed 10 kilos.
  3. Before purchasing the bus ticket, you must inform the company that you want to travel with your pet. Some companies request a 50% payment on the value of the ticket to travel with your pet, which must be covered at the time of the purchase of the ticket. Other companies, on the other hand, do not make this additional charge, but they ask you to fill out a form that they provide to you.
  4. In the case of assistance dogs or companion dogs for the blind, they can travel by bus at no additional cost, using the central aisle. To do this, the condition must be accredited and the dog's health documentation provided. The owner must maintain control of the dog at all times, keeping the dog on a leash and muzzle during the journey.
  5. Other pets (that is, non-assistance dogs or company for the blind, as well as cats, ferrets and birds), will travel in the bus hold using rigid transport racks, with a grid and secure closure. Said transport must have a waterproof bottom, in case your pet makes its needs on the way.
  6. Your pet must travel with his microchip and the card that accredits his vaccinations and deworming.
  7. As the owner, it is your duty to make sure that the carrier is properly deposited in the cabin, about 15 minutes before the start of the trip, to verify that the conditions of the winery are optimal for your pet in terms of space and temperature.
  8. Also, as owner, you are responsible for boarding and disembarking your pet, so that it is practical and comfortable for you, your pet and the other passengers.
  9. Traveling with pets is not recommended when the temperature exceeds 25 ° C, or the journey is very long.

At Torres Bus we know that it is not always possible to find someone you trust to take care of your pet or pay for the services of a pet residence. In addition, there are unforgettable trips on which you must be traveling with pets by bus. Contact us To know more about our services.

It is easy Search trip in one click on your tablet with blank screen for advertisement
It is easy Search trip in one click on your tablet with blank screen for advertisement

How to plan your trip step by step from scratch

Let's do a mental exercise: you want to travel to Madrid, you already bought the plane tickets and hired a service of Madrid airport transfers. And now, what's next? Know how to plan your trip.

When you decide to take a trip, the initial feeling is emotion, joy, overflowing happiness and shortly after the stress comes: What places can you visit? What is the budget? Relax, it is normal, even for people who travel constantly. Organizing a trip is not impossible, the key is not to stress.

Steps to follow to plan your trip from scratch

You don't know where to start? Next, you will see the steps to follow to plan a trip from scratch:

Choice of destiny. To choose the place you want to visit, it is important to consider several factors:

  1. Who will accompany you on the trip? If you travel with your partner, family or friends, it is important to meet and analyze different options, always according to the interests of everyone: beach, tourist route through different cities, a route to know a city ... If you travel alone, focus on your interests and Solve the following two questions.
  2. What experiences are you looking for? It is time to decide if you want to relax or want to live an adventure; a trip to the beach or a weekend camping in the mountains; tour historic cities or rent a house in the countryside. Solving these dilemmas will help you define the destination you want to go to.
  3. What is the budget? There are places where the stay is more expensive than other places, not only in the price of airline tickets, but also in lodging and food costs. Defining your budget is an excellent idea not to waste money.

Travel date. This step is summarized in the question "Can you travel at any time or should you wait for your holiday period?" It is important to know since holiday seasons, such as summer, are usually "high seasons", so reservations at the hotel They raise their costs. If your work allows you to select your holiday periods, investigate the high season of the site you want to visit and avoid those days at all costs.

In addition, it is important to remember that, in many places, there are festivals that take place once a year and, due to their popularity, reservations must be made in advance.

Required documentation. If you travel to an international destination, it is important to investigate whether that country applies for a visa or special permission to travel in its territory. If you require a visa, you must apply at the embassy of the country in question, taking the necessary documentation with you.

Reservations It is time to make reservations. There is a wide variety of options for lodging: inns, hostels, guest houses, hotels ... Choose one that fits your budget and, at the same time, is comfortable and useful.

If you need a transport service, such as a transfer service from the airport to your place of lodging, a car to move freely, a tourist guide service or you need plane tickets, it is time to book and give the last touches to Planning your trip.

Notify the bank. Before leaving on a trip, notify the banking institution where you have your savings account and / or credit card. Making this notification is useful to prevent transactions you make abroad from being marked as fraudulent.

Finally, do not forget to fully enjoy the experience that travel provides. Keep your mind curious, take photos wherever possible and, above all, treasure those moments in your memory. In Torres Bus we have the service of transfers from the Madrid airport, as well as rental of buses, minibuses and buses, which undoubtedly help with the process of planning your trip. Contact us To know more about our services.

Male and female passengers with luggage in airport, business trip. Businessman and businesswoman in air terminal, negotiation travel
Male and female passengers with luggage in airport, business trip. Businessman and businesswoman in air terminal, negotiation travel

How to pack for a short trip

The time has come. The trip you have planned to Madrid is close: you have the place where you will stay, a fixed budget and you made a minibus rental in Madrid. You have planned everything: a few days away from home, enjoying the tourist attractions offered by an city as incredible as Madrid, but something is missing ... Yes, even on short trips the suitcase is indispensable. So we show you how to pack for a short trip.

Many times the suitcase is filled with objects "just in case" that end up in a bulky luggage. For this reason, at Torres Bus we offer you these tips to pack your bags for short trips.

Suitcase size. The first step in achieving practical luggage for a short trip is to limit the storage space. Therefore you should look for a small suitcase and get the idea that you cannot carry other types of luggage.

List of necessary things. And when we say "necessary" it means "really indispensable." With the help of a piece of paper and a pen, or, in a note on your mobile device, list the things that will have real usefulness in your trip.

Think carefully about where you will go: if you stay in a hotel, there is no need to carry towels or shampoo in your suitcase. If you go to a mountain to camp, heels are not necessary. If you go to a place with cold weather, discard the beach clothes. This listing is the key to delete the objects "just in case".

Choose the necessary clothes. It is not mandatory to bring up to four changes of clothes a day. Is seriously. You can take ready some sets that, at the same time, you can combine with each other. In this case, and only with clothes, it is allowed to carry an extra set "just in case", especially if you travel with children. Clothes should be very well folded, so that they take up less space in the suitcase. Try "rolling up" the shirts. Do not worry, you can find videos on YouTube that explain step by step how to make the roll properly so that the clothes do not crumple Do not forget the underwear!

As for the shoes, if you can survive the trip with the shoes you will wear on the first day of the trip, do not wear more. However, if the changes of clothes that you need for your trip require another type of shoes, take them with you. Here the "just in case" does not apply, but try not to overdo it: 3 pairs are enough.

Electronic devices. The mobile phone is necessary to keep in touch, but do you really need to carry a camera? You can do without it or make use of a small digital camera, unless you are a photographer by profession and your trip is for work. Don't forget to bring the necessary chargers and adapters.

On short trips less, it is more. Follow these tips on how to pack for a short trip and also carry a personal identification with you and keep your travel data in a safe place, such as your mobile device. In Torres Bus we have minibuses for rent to make short trips in the company of your family or friends. Contact us To know more about our services.

transport, transportation, tourism, navigation and people concept - close up of bus driver with gps navigator driving passenger bus
transport, transportation, tourism, navigation and people concept - close up of bus driver with gps navigator driving passenger bus

5 wonderful routes through northern Spain by bus

Spain is a fantastic place from north to south: beautiful landscapes, monuments and streets full of history, bars ... It is, without a doubt, ideal for a minibus rental and travel by road. The north of Spain is one of the places most visited by tourists for the number of cities to see. To do this, different routes have been created to follow. Here are 5 wonderful routes through northern Spain, ideal for bus travel:

The peaks of Europe, Cantabria and Asturias

These peaks are ideal for people who like to climb and hike. However, there are also routes for bus trips. At the start of Cangas de Onís heading south, following the path drawn by the Sella River valley. Through villages and green fields, the destination is the Beyos Gorge.

On the Cantabrian slope is the Hermida Gorge, a road with stone walls that touch the sky and crystal clear water that follows the road: the habitat for many birds, a spectacle that you should enjoy.

Basque Country Route: Bilbao - Vitoria - San Sebastián.

This route starts in the municipality of Bilbao, which has an exquisite urbanism and architecture. In this municipality you can find the Euskalduna Palace, the Chávarri Palace, the Guggenheim Museum, the Alvia Coliseum Building, the Arriaga Theater, among many others.

Advancing a little, is the majestic hermitage of San Juan Gaztelugatxe. This hermitage is located on the islet of the town of Bermeo and was used as a location for the series Game of Thrones.

When you continue with the route, you will reach Vitoria, capital of Alava. This city is the official seat of the Parliament and the Government of the Basque Country autonomous community. The Artium Museum, the Cathedral of Santa Maria and the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca are places to visit to learn about the culture of the Basque capital.

And, to conclude this route, there is San Sebastián. This city is located a few kilometers from the border with France and is the capital of the province of Guipúzcoa. In this city you will find film festivals, Jazz, fireworks… A must-see city.

Route of the Castles of Galicia

This route allows a trip throughout Galicia to admire the beauty and majesty of castles and walls. Santiago de Compostela is a good start because, due to the presence of the airport, it has links to different regions of Spain. Some of the most recommended castles for this route are:

The castle of San Atón, located on the promenade A Coruña.

The castle of Santa Cruz, built on the islet of Oleiros.

The castle of Doiras, located in the town of Cervantes.

Asturian Coast: from Cudillero to Llanes

The Asturian coast route offers beaches, landscapes, fun and a gastronomic route. Meet coves in Tapia de Casariego, Viavélez, La Playa del Silencio or Luarca, which are amazing. A place considered a mandatory stop on this route is Cudillero.

Cudillero is a council, parish and locality of the autonomous community of the Principality of Asturias. You could say that this municipality is hidden from the world, so it is ideal to travel on foot. It has three routes to enjoy its viewpoints, a beautiful lighthouse and has a great gastronomy.

Llanes is a council of the autonomous community of the Principality of Asturias. It has numerous beaches, an extensive artistic heritage consisting of houses, churches, houses and palaces, and, in addition, its port maintains an important fishing activity.

Navarre Mountain: from Baztán to Olite

Dolores Redondo wrote the well-known "Trilogy of Baztán" (The Invisible Guardian, Legacy in the Bones, Offering to the Storm), which has created the following route: the Txokoto neighborhood, the Baztán church and the Hell Road, located in the surroundings of Elizondo, which borders the river.

When you advance along the Baztán - Olite route, you pass through Pamplona, ​​a city that is known to the Sanfermines. It also stands out for its citadel, the cathedral and the Yamaguchi park. Finally, there is the stop in Olite. This place was built by mandate of the monarch Carlos III. Its royal palace and underground galleries decorate the route and make it unforgettable among the routes through Spain by bus.

In Torres Bus we have minibus rental and we can help you chart the best routes around Spain by bus. Contact us To know more about our services.

Are you coming to Madrid? Plan your stay in a very original way

If you have decided to travel to Madrid and have already resolved the Madrid airport transfers to the hotel or to the place where you are going to stay, but you still don't have an idea of ​​what you want to do when you arrive, allow us to recommend places that will make your stay unforgettable.

Amazonia Adventure Are you passionate about outdoor adventures? Imagine three hours of activity in contact with nature. It has more than 100 games, and circuits for children (6 years and older), as well as circuits for those who like to feel adrenaline, such as Deportivo and X-Tream. In addition, the 252 meter supertiroline (the longest in Spain), guarantees excitement, adventure and adrenaline.

Escape Room A game full of tension and teamwork, ideal to play with your friends, your partner or your family. The game consists of reaching a room set in a certain story to solve a mystery. It is necessary to solve puzzles to get clues, open padlocks before the time is up! This game full of tension and adrenaline, encourages teamwork and logical thinking. You can find several themes, such as escape from prison, from a laboratory, from a pyramid ... The 60 minutes that the game lasts will go away as a respite.

Mingo house. An emblematic place in Madrid, famous for its roast chickens and cider. It began operations in 1888 and, since then, it has been part of many memories and unforgettable moments of many people. It has two floors and a beautiful terrace, has a traditional decoration and is located in an area from which you can reach places like the Temple of Debod, or the Plaza de Oriente. It is one of the few places where traditional ciders are made in a traditional way, thereby obtaining a deserved international fame and recognition.

Rivasmax Park Do you remember that, as a child, you said or thought more than once that you never wanted to be an adult? However, time progresses and it is not possible to perform the same activities as when you were little ... Maybe that idea is extremist and wrong. In Madrid you will find Rivasmax Park, a magical place with inflatable castles, colored ball pools, trampolines, climbing towers ... Games can be organized by teams, such as relay races, to let the inner child out. Entering the Rivasmax Park allows you full access to the playground, face painting, dinner, cake, team games ...

Salt Caves If your desire is to relax and leave stress behind, ensuring mental and physical well-being, salt caves are the type of place you want to reach. It consists of a yoga or halotherapy session in a natural environment saturated with salt microparticles. You will wonder the purpose of this environment: it has been proven that the salt microparticles are beneficial, improving certain respiratory conditions, and reducing stress levels.

In Torres Bus, in addition to the transfer service from the Madrid airport, we offer city tours to make your trip a lifetime experience. Contact us To know more about our services.

What to do in Madrid at night?

Madrid is a wonderful city, both day and night. If you visit this city, you will realize that there are incredible places to have a good time. But, if your thing is night fun, we recommend you make a minibus rental and trace a route that allows you to have a fun time and say goodbye to the routine. Some of the places you can visit in Madrid during the night:

Planet Bowling The first stop of the minibus can be at Planet Bowling. This place is the best for bowling. It has spacious and well maintained tracks, in addition to having a pleasant atmosphere. A bowling game is always relaxing and entertaining.

A little dance. After an entertaining bowling game, the minibus that you have rented for this night trip can take you to visit a disco to move the skeleton and leave stress behind. Places like "Joy Eslava", "New Garamond" and "Kapital" are the most visited nightclubs in Madrid.

“Joy Eslava” is a space with a lot of history under its belt: in its theater stage (Teatro Eslava), it premiered authors such as García Lorca or Valle Inclán, and in its disco stage (which began on February 24, 1981) has hosted concerts by Julio Iglesias, Stevie Wonder, Pedro Almodovar, among others.

"New Garamond" is a modern and glamorous place. It has two dance floors, with varied music depending on the day of the week, several lounges and a Mediterranean food restaurant, which gives it a hallmark.

"Kapital" is a special case, since it is located inside an old theater: this results in seven floors full of party and joviality. It offers different types of music, accompanied by a distinctive and elegant decoration. You can't stop dancing!

“Las Brujas” is located in Vallecas, and it is an incredible place: it has two dance floors, where the music does not stop and the LED screens light up to the rhythm of the music, table football to have a great time with the friends, as well as a target to practice and improve the aim. A place that should be on your list of places to visit in Madrid.

Restaurants and coffee. If what is in your plans is to do something quieter, the minibus route could take you to a restaurant or cafe in the city, all beautiful and incredible, of which we can highlight:

"Lady Pepa." A restaurant whose distinctive feature is the schedule it handles: you find it open from Thursday to Sunday, from 02:30 am to 07:30 am. A place with bohemian characteristics could not be handled otherwise. The food is delicious and its schedule allows you to eat something to continue having an amazing night.

"Coffee of the East." A coffee decorated in the purest style of the 20s. Its food is delicious and, because of the decoration and the views it offers, it is most appropriate to go as a couple. It is also a good option if you want to have a drink with friends and take a well-deserved rest.

Madrid is a place that will not cease to surprise you and that you will want to visit completely. Renting a minibus is excellent if you want to cover an itinerary and, in addition, have fun without worrying about drinking an extra drink or by no longer finding public transportation. At Torres Bus we offer you our fleet of minibuses. Contact us To know more about our service.

Madrid palaces to visit and travel in time
Madrid palaces to visit and travel in time

Madrid palaces to visit and travel in time

Madrid is a place full of places to visit, either for its historical value or for the art collections it houses. Within this wonderful city, there are many palaces, worthy of being in a fairy tale. If you travel to Madrid and have already completed your rental of minibuses, but you still don't fully define the places you want to visit, it's time to get to know the most amazing palaces found in the city.

Linares Palace. We are talking about a building that, it is said, is inhabited by the ghost of a girl named Raimunda, who was murdered inside this imposing palace. In this place, the current Casa de América, literary, cinematographic events, art exhibitions and musical recitals are organized. The Linares Palace can only be traveled through guided tours.

Gaviria Palace. It was built in 1847 by Aníbal Álvarez Bouquel. The style of this palace is similar to that of the Renaissance palaces in Italy, but with neoclassical influence. It is next to the Puerta del Sol, so it would be amazing to add it to the route of your minibus.

Royal Palace of Aranjuez. It is located on the outskirts of Madrid, approximately one hour away. This palace is the former residence of the Catholic Monarchs. It is recommended to take a walk in the garden, and be amazed in the Hall of Mirrors. A free visit can be made, but in this way it will not be possible to visit all the rooms. To access all the rooms, you must take a guided tour.

Liria Palace. It differs a bit from the traditional Spanish model, since its shape is rectangular. Inside this palace, it is possible to find works by Tizziano, Goya or Mens. This palace is also known as "the younger brother of the Royal Palace."

Royal Palace. It is the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family. It is one of the most emblematic places in Madrid and is located on Bailén street, near the Plaza de Oriente, which is why it is also known as "Palacio de Oriente". It is the largest palace in Western Europe and is open to the public every day. You can hire a guided tour or take your own tour.

Crystal Palace. Located in the Retiro Park, we find a palace worthy of a fairy tale. It was built in 1887, thinking more about a greenhouse for the Flora Exhibition of the Philippine Islands. Today, the Crystal Palace is part of the Reina Sofía Museum, being one of the exhibition venues. Admission is free.

These are just some of the palaces that you can find in Madrid, which will transport you to other times, or even make you feel like a story character. Contact us to know our minibus rental service and design an ideal palaces route for you.

Measures to prevent bus accidents

El bus It is one of the safest means of transport that exist. It is emphasized that the bus driver must comply with certain safety guidelines to ensure a smooth trip, but, as users, there is also a part of the responsibility. You can use the bus to travel to your daily activities or for simple leisure, to get somewhere you want to visit, but it is always good to keep some recommendations in mind so that the bus trip is safe and smooth.

The seat belt and its importance. Since October 20, 2007, it is mandatory to install seat belts on buses that register as of that date. In other words, if you get on a bus that was registered in March 2008, by law you must have functional seat belts. But, as users of the bus transport service, do we use the seat belt? According to a report by Fundación MAPFRE (Mutuality of the Association of Rustic Property Owners of Spain), only 20% of bus users wear their seat belts.

Wearing a seat belt is important, as it prevents personal injuries and injuries to third parties. In case of an unforeseen event during the bus ride, the seat belt will keep you in the seat, avoiding a projection outside it, avoiding serious injuries.

Luggage. If you carry a small suitcase that can be placed in the upper compartment, make sure it is not possible to fall and hit someone or yourself. If it is a luggage of greater volume and weight, the ideal is to go in the area destined for this type of luggage and packages. Avoid transporting dangerous substances or objects, such as paints, solvents, weapons, explosives, etc.

All sitting and aisles cleared. Once you start the trip, do not get out of your seat if it is not necessary, since, in case the driver must brake by emergency, the risk of falling and injury is very high. Avoid, also, place objects that hinder the passage of other passengers and yours, because, in case of emergency or at the end of the road, the bus departure will be more complicated.

Driver concentration The noise in the bus, excessive conversations, discussions, screams ... Try to make the trip quiet for everyone, especially for the driver, who is in charge of taking everyone to their destination.

Bus safety and accident prevention is the responsibility of the driver and the user. At Torres Bus we have units that have the necessary safety measures and highly trained drivers. Contact us To know more about our services.

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