Quick route for your guests to know Madrid

Quick route for your guests to know Madrid

If you already made your hire of buses for weddings and you want to give your guests a wonderful experience when they arrive in the city, this interests you. Madrid is a city that has everything, so it sounds impossible to know it in one day. That is false. There are elementary places in the city that allow you to know, in a general way, this incredible city. Want to know more? Join us to know the quick route for your guests to know Madrid.

Quick route for your guests to know Madrid

Museums, squares, historical sites, delicious churros ... Where to start? Madrid is able to fall in love at first sight. Next, you will see a short route to get to know this beautiful city in one day.

The tour starts in the Puerta del Sol, emblematic place for being the seat of the countdown in New Year. There, they can meet the statues of Bear and the Madroño, which are representative of the capital. When moving forward, it is possible to meet the Plaza Oriente. It is a rectangular square with a curved head and a monumental character. This square is delimited in the west by the Royal Palacein the east by the Royal Theatre and, north by the Royal Monastery of the Incarnation. In addition, it houses different historical-artistic gardens and an impressive sculptural collection, highlighting the effigy of Felipe IV, the work of Prieto Tacca, considered the first equestrian statue held by the horse's hind legs. If you go to the Royal Palace, the route can continue until you reach the Almudena Cathedral, the most important religious building in Madrid, located next to the palace.

Afterwards, you advance along the Main Street to get to the Plaza de la Villa, one of the main medieval centers of Madrid that, until recently, had the headquarters of the City Council. Following the tour of Calle Mayor is the Plaza Mayor. This square locates 300 meters from the Puerta del Sol and, in her, it is possible to find the statue of Felipe III, work initiated by the Italian sculptor Juan de Bologna and finished by Pietro Tacca.

As you continue moving forward, you will reach the Puerta del Sol. The change is to take the Precious Street to get to the Plaza Callao. This will lead to Gran Vía, popular Madrid artery, full of life, art, shops and people. To conclude this small tour, you take the Ferraz Street, on which it will be possible to reach the beautiful Debod Temple. In this place you not only find this beautiful Egyptian gift with more than 2200 years old, it is also possible to find beautiful gardens and different shops to have a delicious dinner.

And if you don't have a full day?

If your guests cannot stay a full day in Madrid, either before or after your wedding, you can take them to some emblematic places of the city, such as:

Park retirement. This beautiful historic garden is one of the main tourist attractions in Madrid, as it houses landscape, architectural and sculptural complexes. All the artistic works found in the Retreat date from the XNUMXth to the XNUMXst century: the Crystal Palace, Royal Astronomical Observatory, the Monument to Alfonso XII ... This place is a perfect sample of everything Madrid represents.

Triangle of art. If your guests love art, they will love this. The tour can start at the Prado Museum. This museum houses works such as "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by El Bosco, "The Descent of the Cross" by Van der Weyden, "Las Meninas" by Velázquez, "The executions of May 3" by Goya.

The next stop is the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, which is located in the Villahermosa Palace and consists of three floors. It houses works by Van Eyck, Van Gogh, Caravaggio and Munch.

To conclude, a visit to Reina Sofia Museum. There, it is possible to find works by Picasso, Dalí and Miró. His approach is towards modern art and the collection is quite extensive. The most popular work in this museum is, without a doubt, "Guernica" by Pablo Picasso.

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