How to travel with pets by bus

The trips are to share with your family, friends, partner and, why not? your pet. It is logical to want to spend time with your pet, because it is an unconditional friend who awaits your return home when you go to work: he is with you in good times and in bad times, without exception. Some bus companies They allow users to travel with small pets, complying with the regulations established by Spanish laws. The regulations for traveling with pets by bus are as follows:

  1. Usually, only bus travel with dogs is allowed, although some bus lines admit cats, ferrets and birds, as long as they are small.
  2. The weight of your pet (dog, cat, ferret, birds) should not exceed 10 kilos.
  3. Before purchasing the bus ticket, you must inform the company that you want to travel with your pet. Some companies request a 50% payment on the value of the ticket to travel with your pet, which must be covered at the time of the purchase of the ticket. Other companies, on the other hand, do not make this additional charge, but they ask you to fill out a form that they provide to you.
  4. In the case of assistance dogs or companion dogs for the blind, they can travel by bus at no additional cost, using the central aisle. To do this, the condition must be accredited and the dog's health documentation provided. The owner must maintain control of the dog at all times, keeping the dog on a leash and muzzle during the journey.
  5. Other pets (that is, non-assistance dogs or company for the blind, as well as cats, ferrets and birds), will travel in the bus hold using rigid transport racks, with a grid and secure closure. Said transport must have a waterproof bottom, in case your pet makes its needs on the way.
  6. Your pet must travel with his microchip and the card that accredits his vaccinations and deworming.
  7. As the owner, it is your duty to make sure that the carrier is properly deposited in the cabin, about 15 minutes before the start of the trip, to verify that the conditions of the winery are optimal for your pet in terms of space and temperature.
  8. Also, as owner, you are responsible for boarding and disembarking your pet, so that it is practical and comfortable for you, your pet and the other passengers.
  9. Traveling with pets is not recommended when the temperature exceeds 25 ° C, or the journey is very long.

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