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If reading the type of bus rental or minibuses available in our company raises any questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking on the icon



Send us your budget by clicking on budget with the type of service orthat you want to do with the rental of microbus or minibuses in Madrid, we recommend that you specify so that you will use our minibuses,since this way we can advise you better and you will be more than satisfied.


Bus or minibus rental in Madrid How can I rent a minibus or several minibuses?

This is a critical step as many people think, as they find it difficult to rent microbuses/ minibuses.

Honestly it’s not that hard to do the reserve of a microbus or microbuses,since our company has a group of commercials willing to take over your transfers, see the options available, look at the best routes for our travelers, since our microbus rental company or microbus in Madrid we look for our customers, then I hit them a budget of our client Javier Moreno who asked us for a microbus with output from Madrid and a 15-day tour of Spain with his family.

Hello good night, I am Javier Moreno, I would like to request a quote to make a return to Spain departing from Plaza castilla, Madrid and we wanted to pass through the following cities:

  • Departure from Madrid capital
  • córdoba
  • Seville
  • Cáceres
  • Salamanca
  • Pontevedra
  • Gijón
  • Santander
  • Bilbao
  • San Sebastian
  • Saragossa
  • Barcelona
  • valence
  • basin
  • Madrid

how to request a quote for bus rental

Those would be the cities; we want to be able to stay in each city for a day, so that we can visit it, I would also like to be provided with a budget with a willingness to take a tour of each of the cities, so that I can see everything better. We are 24 people plus suitcases together with 6 children of a age of 5years, before all a question, could the bus rental in Madrid be for August, The date I do not have it concrete but will be either the first fortnight or the second of August? Do the minibuses go the microbus has retention systems such as belts or not? Could we take our chairs for the kids?

Thank you very much, a cordial greeting Javier Moreno

This is the budget requested by our client Javier to enjoy a trip with his whole family in Spain, both he and you can request the renting a minibus or microbuses for any event you want, if you want to go from bachelor party or single,go from the Airport Madrid, transport of travelers, the elderly, school excursions, team boys, end-of-year parties or family members by road or farm, everything you imagine is just a click and you can apply for the microbus rental

How to book the requested bus or minibus rental in Madrid?

The question we raised at first is resolved here.

To make the reserve of the microbus or microbuses according to the people who want to go, just click below the number 3 on budget, but if you wish you can write us an e-mail to the email address info@torresbus.es,once you receive the quote provided by our sales only have to reply to the email saying that you confirm and follow the steps that follow the steps that come below the quote issued by the commercial, also if you wish you can call us in case you have any questions so that you can explain it and solve the doubt you have.

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