Minibus rental in Madrid

Minibus rental or minibus rental?

Minibus rental, is a frequent question among customers, rent a mini bus or rent minibuses,this is depending on the type of trip, you want to make, both business and friends.

In our company, we have been carrying out discretionary road passenger transport services, wedding services, hen and hen parties, airport transfers, group excursions, family trips and everything you need for over 55 years.

We have

the minibus

rental or minibus rental for the time, place, situation and date, all at your disposal

Minibus rental in Madrid
Minibus rental or bus rental in Madrid an easy choice

We are one of the best minibus and bus rental companies in Madrid – Spain.

We operate to bring luxury executive travel and individual transportation to all our customers.

We have a highly respectable and reliable minibus rental company and coach rental and are perfectly located to serve any customer, who requires travel to major airports, cities or tourist attractions throughout Spain.

Minibus rental in Madrid
Mercedes Sprinter minibus rental 31 seats

We operate our minibus rental and coach rental 24 hours a day and always receive minibus reservations for private minibus rental and corporate minibus rental.

We work with many schools and educational institutions, individuals and companies in our area, which have many different requirements. We have been helping our satisfied customers for many years and will continue to do so.

Luxury minibus rental in Madrid

For those looking for private luxury minibus rentals and coach rentals, we offer professional minibus rentals and coach rental services for any type of trip you need.

We offer airport transfers, guided tours of Madrid and Spain, entertainment and event tours, trips to theme parks and attractions, as well as corporate trips and private parties such as weddings and other trips.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer the most reasonable prices available on the market, which allow you to optimize your budget and spend less, however, they have the ability to give our customers the best, safest and most comfortable travel experience they have ever received.

Minibus rental for weddings

Our drivers will take you for many different reasons, such as school trips and educational visits, excursions, theme parks, full days, field trips and airport transfers. We

also offer wedding minibus

rentals, luxury tour buses and corporate coach rentals.

Our mission is always to provide the highest standards of luxury minibus rental and coach rental, being the very competitive price.

Testimonial of our success, it is the huge list of customers that we have transported through Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Spain and Europe and we are committed to offering an exceptional service on every trip we hire.

We are open to offering free consultations and appointments, whether you are looking for a trip to Toledo, a trip to Segovia, a historical tour, a night out, a trip around Europe, wedding transport, executive trips or even excursions to sporting events.

Luxury executive minibus rental in Madrid

We will provide luxury private executive minibus and bus rentals to transport you and your guests between locations and you will always be provided with competitive prices.

If you are looking for a company private minibus rental, which can offer excellent and honest prices, a service of privately chauffeured executive minibus rental; that has no comparison to other coach companies, and wants to be sure knowing that you will receive a Superior personalized private service,then call our 24-hour phone numbers today! +34 607372252

Torres Bus is a company that prides itself on being affordable, and that’s no less worried about you.

Why do we recommend renting a minibus and several private minibuses?

This type of private service is best recommended for a sightseeing tour of Madrid,for a farewell single or single, alumni meeting; … for many types of services to be performed, this type of microbus rental, is rather as you have been able to read, for private and small group events; as the maximum space is 25 seats.

Also our

and minibuses
fit perfectly to your needs, being the most practical vehicles, since with your trunk you can store your bags, however, it is also recommended for transfers
to the
airport, (private transfer airport) in which you will have no problem hiring it.

Minibus rental in Madrid for weddings

As the title rightly indicates, it is the renting several private minibuses,for what? wedding in different minibuses; since to the farm where you fence to celebrate the event or wedding ceremony, you can have complications of height or width, that is why you will have requested several minibuses; if the estate did not have any restrictions, a bus or buses,

to take all your guests to the wedding in one trip.

But what happens when a part of the wedding guests want to leave earlier, for this we are and we have a fleet of private minibuses,since this way you can mobilize your guests, at different times, you can also not only use the minibuses for a wedding.

If not also to displace customers of other kinds of services, airport transfer, meetings of friends, Christmas dinners, Christmas meals or birthday parties.


The minibus company in Madrid

Torres Bus S.L, is, we are and will always be a discretionary road passenger transport company; with a large fleet of minibuses, buses and coaches,we can not only boast our own fleet, but we can not also boast of our drivers, with a high level in foreign languages, such as; English, French, Italian. We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; to perform the type of private service you need, we need you to describe your trip or route, by filling
out the budget
form or by e-mail to the

Types of services you may be interested in right now

Minibus rental for


If you need a minibus, to take to different classes of the same institute, school or university, you can request other services such as our client Sagrario:

Hello Good morning, the reason to contact you is because we are a school in the area of Leganés,and we’re going on an excursion to the Madrid, wewould need a 19-seater minibus; first of all I would like to ask if the minibuses feature child re retention systems or seat belts,just as we would like you to give us the price of the minibus,also how much we would get with 1 bottle of water per person and a sandwich; If you need anything else ask me thank you very much

This client, for example, has already told us that she needs water bottles to prevent dehydration, just as she wants to know about the safety systems that count on the minibuses,then replied our colleague Pruden:

Dear Sacrament, First of all Good morning, to make the minibus rental we need to know; Departure/Return Time, Pick-up point and destination, Departure and return date; If all of our minibuses just like our microbuses, coaches and buses; they have retention systems, about bottles and sandwiches, no problem, can be quiet

We are at your disposal

Now for example the case of this other client

Bachelor and bachelorette party:

This is the first step before rent several minibuses for the wedding; because now it’s becoming fashionable bachelor parties and shared single women, for we well have the solution; to this controversial problem for some, for others perfect, our solution rental of minibuses one for the groom’s farewell; and another for the farewell of the bride,you can request it with the same destination that you decide to make.

With the company Torres Bus rent minibuses for weddings and farewells is more comfortable; If you want on the most special day of your life, like single or hen day, to leave without any problem, hire our services.

Weddings and Baptism:

A wedding like a christening are two very important events in our lives; that’s why you have to have it planned to the millimeter, so that everything goes out to ask by mouth and has no problems so we will help you to take the godparents, godmothers, brothers, sisters, parents, in-laws….
All this is essential that it comes out perfectly, for these moments we have our 16-seater vip microbus and our minibus vip 35 places all you have to do; is to write us an email with the desired service, along with the departure times, all this to our email

Transfer & Transfers Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas Airport:

who? where? When, these answers are the ones we often receive if we ask a family member to approach us at the airport, but we have the solution.

With the rental of VIP taxi, without waiting, at the door of your house and your home to the airport or to any other point of Madrid or Spain, and not just the taxi, if you are a group of 16 people we recommend the minibus rental,as our client Carlos Sanchez did

  • Hello good afternoon I need the rental of a minibus,we are 14 people plus luggage, we need it for the day 15-08-2016 at 09:00.
  • And we want you to come and pick us up on the 31-08-2016, I don’t know when the flight will arrive but you leave Cancun the day before you are at 10:00 I think anyway I will pass you the flight number ******* with that you will be able to look at the data a greeting thank you.

As you can read our client Carlos has booked a minibus for 14 people; more luggage and by the time they return from Cancun holidays, our minibus will be at the door waiting for him to leave.

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