Bus rental for weddings in Madrid

¿Que es una boda?

A wedding is a very special day, in which two people of either different sexes or the same join. celebrate the union of marriage either politically or religiously.

At a wedding we have to keep in mind that those who get married want everything to be perfect, because if we do not agree with the guests they may have a bad taste in the mouth, even though to be honest, everyone celebrates the ceremony as he wants; because it’s a very special day, that’s why the bride and groom think about what they like the most.

On the other hand, I have to highlight the transport of the guests and the rental wedding buses,since here is played a very important factor.

Bus rental for weddings in Madrid
Autocares para bodas en Madrid

¿Que autobús tengo que alquilar para la boda?

First we have to shuffle the option of yes, rent a bus for the wedding or a minibus,this is very important, because depending on the people attending the wedding will hire a car of one size or another.

Secondly we should take into account what type of minibus or bus,such as:

V.I.P Business Standard
Bus rental for weddings in Madrid
Bus rental for weddings in Madrid
VIP minibus for weddings
Bus rental for weddings in Madrid
650-750 euros 350-450 euros 150-300 euros

how much it costs to rent a wedding bus
Last but not least, the location of where the banquet will be held, since there are many farms that we cannot enter, either for the following reasons:

  • Bridges
    • Maximum height (2.10 mts)
    • Maximum width (1.80 mts)
    • Maximum Tonnage (10t)
  • Roads
    • In bad shape
    • The passage of a river
  • Tickets
    • Narrow
    • Very closed turn
  • Trees
    • Un pruned
    • No treatment

Here are some of the factors that can ruin a wedding.

tell you this, because we have been given cases in which we have not been able to access a farm or corral.

Price: How much does it cost to rent a bus for a wedding?

The price at which a bus is usually rented is usually between 150 euros-700 euros,everything depends on what type and service you want to request.

A wedding consists of multiple details, which for some will not be so important, but for others yes.

That is why if you have any questions, you can count on the help of our commercial wedding buses. Similarly you can request a
wedding bus budget, without

Below is an example of budget wedding buses provided by our commercials:

Hello good morning, I contact you to request a quote.

I would like to
know price of the VIP bus,
since to the farm where we go, it is inside cork oak, I have informed and on the farm have entered buses of 55 seats and 12 meters long.

Also comment that I want a service of stewardesses, by the time the guests get on the weddingbuses, give a gift to each of the guests.

This way I want my guests to be surprised.

Immediately finish boarding the guests, on buses for weddings Madrid,they have to go to the farm, where another of the azafatos hired will wait for them.

If you want to know more about how much rent buses weddings cost, ask for your free quote

A bus
rental service for weddings
of excellence

At Torres Bus we offer our customers the best services with excellent quality and price; the Wedding bus rental is one of our most requested services; because on this very special day, you want to go both you and the comfortable guests, on the journey of the wedding buses contracted with

our coach company,

you just have to request it.

Bus rental for weddings in Madrid

A story on every wedding bus rental.

So that we understand better how special this event is for everyone and how we are part of it offering a quality service, we share a story that we have recently lived in Torres Bus:

Lorraine and Jose met 10 years ago, and they think about going to celebrate to their favorite restaurant, José seizes the moment, to ask Lorraine to marry him and of course Lorraine says yes, and she starts to get nervous, there is only one year left for the wedding and there are many preparations for the big day and after time it is time to organize the transfer of the guests. Lorraine and Jose, ask us for a quote wedding buses

and tell us that there is some very important data that they have to contribute; The date of the wedding, where the ceremony will take place, which itinerary will be made to transfer by bus the guests to mass, after the wedding where the banquet will take place and most importantly, when the celebration ends at what time the return itinerary is to be made, which will be done to leave the guests safe and sound in their homes , we will do a single lap or on the contrary we will have several hours back, do we know how many people will stay until the end? to have enough seats
on wedding buses in Madrid
and not leave anyone on the ground.

Bus rental for weddings in Madrid
Bus rental for weddings in Madrid

We advise them by organizing the correct itineraries and recommending what is the best way to optimize the resources, so that the shuttle bus rental for weddings, is as economical and efficient as possible, for the bride and groom. The next day, in less than 24 hours, Lorraine and José received in their email the quote at the indicated price. Once the price was accepted they contacted to re-review their booking and gather the information and changes they took into account during that time. The week before the wedding, they received a report with the data relating to their reservation of coaches and with all the information of it, which Lorena and José had to review, so that everything was controlled in detail, the bus team set out to create the work parts, for the drivers who would perform the service.

Bus drivers and grooms and guests were assigned an email that indicated to them the name and mobile number that drivers assigned to their booking would have, while Lorena and Jose spent their last day as singles. For this reason we advise you and also offer an extensive letter of questions already asked by our clients.

Bus rental for weddings in Madrid


Now easier than ever!


Request your quote without obligation!

What is the price of a wedding bus rental?

Although the service basically consists of the same thing; there’s a factor that’s not always the same in the bus rental for Madrid weddings.

A wedding may be massive and therefore require several large-capacity buses, or perhaps it is an intimate wedding to which a small number of people are invited and the service can be covered with one or more Minibuses. Knowing that each ceremony is distinct and particular; has led to a conclusion for companies; this conclusion has been drawn from different types of services. It is for that reason; when we look for information about
the rental of buses for weddings price
; prices are rarely specified or closed in advance.

Bus rental for weddings in Madrid

Try the experience of renting a wedding bus with us. We have worked with this service for a long time, and those who turn to us have always found a fundamental feature in our rental service that makes them recommend or rehire us. If you have any questions about this or other services please contact contact


Bus rental for weddings in Madrid
Bus rental for weddings in Madrid
bus rental for weddings prices

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