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In our bus rental company in madrid we offer especially a la carte services such as; a visit to madrid or any other city in Spain, excursions with companies, families or schools.

How much does a coach rental service cost in Madrid?

This question is asked by many customers, since the price of the bus rental service in Madrid depends on many points, especially the hours that want to have the coach contracted.

Our prices and services as a general rule have an average cost of 79 euros vat included as for example this service:

Bus rental in Madrid
Transportation from Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas Airport – Madrid Capital

Bus rental company in Madrid | Bus Towers
Bus rental in Madrid

price of coach rental service in Madrid from the airport to Madrid capital and other areas with busProduct: Torres Bus4.8 Average ratings 89
Reviews on different websitesRegular price: 79€70
(Available from

1 January!)
Available in:
Rental of vehicles with more than 19 seatsPresentation: Flight monitoring, Punctuality and comfort
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On the contrary, this price can be altered, since as mentioned above in the top paragraph, there are many factors that can slightly increase the price.
In the same way we proceed to comment and explain the factors by which you can climb.

Madrid bus rental: services offered by bus towers

Duration of service or disposition

What do we mean by duration or disposition of the service?

Duration: this is the time that elapses since we pick you up and take you to a point and then after 2 hours or 3 hours we pick you up again

Provisions: On the contrary, a madrid bus rental service available it is not the same as the previous one described; because in the case of this, our driver is at your disposal such as: pick them up at the airport, take them to the hotel to unload their bags and then make a sightseeing tour of madrid


How many buses and coaches can I request?

If you need help or assistance you can contact us

Our company has coaches and buses of different capacities; from 12 seats to 71 seats.

In our company, we always recommend to our customers, because there are often cases that they are 12 passengers but each person has 2 large suitcases, and they cannot all enter the trunk.

For this reason, our company differs from the most, because for this reason and advice from our sales companies we have a very good reputation

What kind of bus do I choose?

This is what we always wonder when requesting a quote from a bus rental company in madrid.

The coaches available to Torres Bus have the following characteristics:

  • comfort
  • W.c.
  • WIFI
  • Stereo radio
  • Video/DVD/USB
  • USB chargers
  • Reclining seats
  • Leather armchairs
  • Individual lighting
  • Microphone
  • Seat belts
  • DFW (Fatigue Detection and Warning and Driver Distraction)
  • LDW (Unintentional Lane Departure Notice)
  • FCW (Impact Risk Notice with previous vehicle
  • SDW (Traffic Signal Detection)
  • Abs
  • bas
  • Esp
  • Suspension Neumatica

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact ustor using the following


Types of services we can perform

The type of service goes according to the customer, what you need, since many of our buses and coaches have different characteristics to perform certain types of services

Bus and minibus rental Torres Bus Madrid

Offices Torres Bus S.L

Bus rental company in Madrid | Bus Towers
Madrid bus rental

Bus rental is necessary within cities; for this reason, when a tour is required, either of great displacement or not so extensive with a group of people; we will always go to this type of services.

In our company we like to see how our customers enjoy; here are some brief but very good advice, such as:

Wedding bus rental


Madrid bus rental at the right time.

The service provided by the Bus rental Madrid and other cities, has to adapt to the needs of the client, one of the cases is a visit of tourists who want to take a tour of the city on a leisurely period, visiting each of the most popular places of the Spanish capital.

But also when a congress is held where it is necessary to transport people, it is important to use the Madrid bus rental service,in order to have access to the vehicle at the time it is required and thus have greater comfort and agility so that everything goes as planned.

In the case of the city the service would not be for the distance to be traveled, but for the time in which the means of transport is needed, if necessary the Madrid bus rental for 24 hours or adapt the bus for different events such as a television recording, where the vehicle must have specific characteristics, to fulfill the purpose of the recording.

Although in this case and in all cases where this service is required comfort is important, it is also very essential the agility to perform the tasks required when renting buses in Madrid


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