35-seat luxury minibus rental

What is the rental of coaches 35 Vip Madrid places?

The coach rental company 35 Plazas Vip Madrid, Torres bus S.L; he has extensive experience in the sector of road trip transport, both at the Spanish and European level.

Thanks to this experience that the company has been working on in years of sweat and work, many of our clients have personally assaulted us the work we do. Our fleet of 35-seater VIP coaches in Madrid; they have the latest technology and such comfortable seats, which are ideal to rest during a long excursion or just to take a head while you arrive at the destination.

On the other hand our coaches above all, are always driven by the best professionals at the level of transport rental coaches 35 Vip squares madrid, just like each of them has a great level of English, since it helps us to get even closer, to our foreign customers and thus be able to establish a better relationship and a better treatment with all kinds of passengers.

What service do I request for a coach rental 35 Vip places madrid?

The services of our company can be both
the rental of coaches 35 Vip Madrid Places,
the rental of coaches of 35 Vip places,50 Vip places or coaches of 71 places.

Among others; they are ideal to make that excursion, which you both want anxiously or that panoramic visit of the city or simply, you can also perform with our coach company, your bachelor party, wedding or trip.

Specifically one of the best services, is the rental of coaches of 35 Vip seats, which also have, on the outside with a combination of gray, silver and a fine red stripe on both sides.

Since inside, the seats are leather, and the upholstery black, with a red stripe on the rim of the seat, and the headboards white; a perfect combination of colors.

Contact our company, by email info@torresbus.es or if you prefer, call our phone 24 hours +34 607 372 252, and gladly, one of our sales will attend you and take note of the service, which you really need.

We will send you the quote, by email or by calling the phone number you provide us.

Remember that the budget consultation is completely free and without any commitment.

If you decide and want to make your quote through our email, you must provide us with the following data, so that our sales policies can make you a cheaper and more accurate quote of the trip or route, which you want to make, no more or less.

35 Vip Seat Coach Rental in Madrid: coach booking form

Data to be put in the email:

  • Departure and return day – Departure and return time – Location of the departure and destination site; indicate whether movements will be made at the destination with the rental of coaches 35 Vip places madrid or if it would only be to take and bring back.

Also the number of people and whether or not you would carry luggage; phone number, first and last name of the person requesting the quote, to contact them either by email or phone call.

If you want to confirm the quote, and therefore make the payment of the amount indicated by a sales company, you can do it by, three different ways:

  • You can also pay 40% of the total amount by bank transfer and the rest 60% at the time the driver arrives and before performing the service.
  • You can also pay 60% by bank transfer and the rest 40% by handing it over to the


  • You can also make the payment in full by means of a bank transfer.


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