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Minibus rental 35 places Madrid How are they?

The minibus rental company Madrid, calledTorres Bus, S.L is one of the best companies in the passenger transportsector, consisting of the best drivers and guarantee of their services. Giving to if the best quality to its customers and thereby gaining years of confidence in the passenger transport sector.

One of the this company’s most prominent services is the rental of 35-seater minibuses, with which they are carried out CityTours throughout the area Madrid and Toledo; as well as another of the most minded services performed with 35-seater minibuses are transfers throughout the city or to Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas Airport and in turn the realization of excursions with these.

How can I rent 35-seater minibuses for a wedding?

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If what you are looking for is a minibus or 35-seater minibus, it is on the right website, since the rental of these types of vehicles, are the most requested for Weddings, Airports and family excursions in Spain


If you have any questions, feel free to call, +34 607 372 252

35-seater Minibus budget

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Why are we the best when it comes to renting 35-seater minibuses?

Another issue by which we must say that it is one of the best companies in the sector, which is produced by three things ;- the first because it has the best buses with 35 new seats in the sector, with which the whole range and even the paint is being modified thus given a more serious aspect to the company and formal ;- The second thing is that each of the 35-seater buses have incorporated in each of them the latest technology, thus facilitating the use of Wifi if desired and contracted, in addition to carrying built-in TV to watch movies along a great journey thus giving greater relaxation to passengers.

  • And the third but not least that our fleet has the best drivers, who perform each of our services transmitting our seriousness and our great way of working.

Professionalism in driving and bilingual speaking

On the other hand, each of our drivers knows how to speak and handle the most famous and international foreign language; English and with it we can open ourselves to the international market by performing services to any type of public and so they can enjoy the best quality of our services.

If you are looking for a company with a good price on services, here you have it do not waste your time looking for another company that will offer you a worse deal when it comes to your service for having a cheaper price; because for us it is as if you were in our family; don’t hesitate anymore and hire your service 35-seater buses with our company.

If you wish send us an email, informing us of the data you wish to make on your trip to the info@torresbus.es our sales will respond to you.

Do not hesitate, do not waste time searching and comparing, let us make you enjoy in a great way the experience of a fantastic trip.

Hire us, relax and enjoy your moment you have been waiting for so long.

Our best way to represent our customers is your trust.

Torres bus, S.L rental of minibuses of 35 places.

minibus rental 35 seats per madrid

The price of rental of minibuses 35 places Madrid was one of the best valued by the schools of madid for excursions

Average score of 4.8 /5 out of 5 for 25-seater minibus and minibus rental

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