Can I rent a driverless bus in Madrid capital?

Don’t know if you can rent a bus are driver in Madrid? Well, in Spain, by law, it is forbidden to rent a bus, coach or minibus without driver or driver, that is why we offer our services to all types of customers. This way, you can enjoy the route you have to take without having to worry about driving.

Can I rent a driverless bus?

As we have indicated, it is not possible by law to rent a minibus, bus or minibus in Madrid without driver. All companies providing these services need to have a driver specializing in these vehicles to provide the right service.

Can I rent a driverless bus in Madrid capital?
Can I rent a driverless bus in Madrid?

Driving professionals must have all the permits in order, so it is not possible to rent a minibus,

bus or driverless minibus in Madrid capital or really, anywhere in Spain. An individual cannot drive a vehicle of this size without the necessary permits.

In our company, Torres Bus, we offer a wide variety of buses, minibuses, minibuses and rental vans with driver. In order to adapt to the needs, that our customers request and require, for their airport transfer, wedding, excursion to the beach or any event that wants to be held.

What other options are there if I can’t rent a driverless bus in Madrid?

We offer 2 types of vehicles, classic or also called normalor VIP category, in different capacities and seats,we have vehicles of 15-20-30-40-45 seats.

Also with larger vehicles or even luxury cars.

If now that you know that you can not rent a driverless bus in Madrid and you are interested contact us through either our phone 24 hours, through
our WhatsApp
or email.

What are the advantages?

Not being able to rent a driverless minibus in Madrid, or even a bus or minibus, enjoying a driver’s trip has several advantages:

  • You won’t have to worry about the responsibility of carrying the vehicle.
  • You will not depend on publictransport, especially if many people need to move to a certain point.
  • You can go comfortably and quickly to any point and at any time, especially when public transport does not arrive frequently to that destination.
  • You will not have to worry about schedules or delays, inTorres Bus we are careful and punctual.
  • You will have a professional driver who knows the journey.
  • You can rely on the impeccable professional trajectory of our drivers.

As you can see, finally not being able to rent a driverless bus in Madrid has more advantages than disadvantages. As a sample of this, read on!

What do our customers think?

Torres Bus takes care of making your dreams and your needs come true. Whatever you need, here you have it with us because if you need to
a driverless bus you will not be able to find it since, by law, it is not allowed to rent more than 9 seats without driver.

The best quality price, the best service and the best drivers you have with us, your bus rental company in Madrid and Toledo.

Because the most important thing for us are our customers satisfied with our services. The best example of our good way of working is the valuation of all our customers.

Sara says:

“The staff were very friendly and helpful. counting on seat belts and tv to go with the little ones entertained. Pleasure and see you soon.”

Or this other review of a law firm:

Lor. T. J

“Good service, quality V.I.P service, good treatment, competition, 5 stars, quality in services, punctuality and personalized attention.”

Choose the bus you want, the one that best suits your needs and call us so that one of our commercials advises you on what is most convenient for your group and for the rental ofa bus.

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