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How much does rental coaches cost in madrid?

Thanks to customers like you; in bus towers we know what you’re looking for.

That’s why we want to help you in any way we can and make everything the best way possible.

Many of the questions you have asked us is how much a coach rental costs.

Well, good; this varies depending on the services you need; such as:

A 4-hour layout per madrid for 54 people is between 230o-450€.

A transfer from the center of Madrid to adolfo suárez Madrid barajas airport; the price is between 50o-190€

What kind of coaches should I rent?

First of all, you’ll need to consider several factors such as:

  • Places you need:
    • as a general rule; it is always usually indicated the type of bus with the people you are going to travel with; it can already be 50 like 290 people.
  • Type of coaches
    • After having indicated the number of places comes the type of places.
      • tourist.
      • Business.
      • V.I.P.

Where can I request a price for rental coaches in madrid?

First tell you that you have 3 ways to request the desired quote such as:

Contact Form.


Whatsapp (Mobile).

Call Telefonica.

Secondly; remember that it has to be clear and concise; the more information you provide us for the tour; such as:

Name: Sergio.


Phone: 607372252.

Departure date: 08-09-2020 15:00.

Departure: Madrid Capital.

Destination: Alcorcon.

Return Date: 09-09-2020 16:00.

Places: 200 seats.

Travel Type: Round trip only.


Description:Hello we request the rental of coaches in madrid for the celebration of a birthday; birthday is on a farm just outside cork oak.

After the birthday we must return; if you need more information I’m available by whatsapp.

And finally; you will receive a quote at your email address.

In this E-Mail there are points below the budget for the formalization of the budget.

Can I only perform one type of service specifically with coaches?

In Torres Bus; we carry out transfers of all kinds; cheap and inexpensive.

In this way we can transport as well as safe to your guests or people attending events.

Similarly they can be used for school or imsero excusions.

That’s why we have vehicles of all sizes; for the displacement of large groups.

We also have minibuses and minibuses; for smaller groups such as; 12 to 25 seats.

At the end of your event we return passengers to the point of origin quickly and safely.

How much does rental coaches cost in madrid?

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