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How much does it cost to rent a bus in madrid?

Sure, you’ve ever wondered how much does it cost to rent a bus?.

First of all I have to say, that the price can vary, that is; it’s not worth the same a transfer to Madrid airport that its price, is usually between 50 and 80 euros depending on the type and size of the bus; at the price that a service of transport for a wedding.

Secondly, comment on the size of the bus, as there are different capabilities.

Currently, in our company we have multiple capacities, ranging from 30 seats to 71 seats.

Finally knowing this, we can ask for an approximate budget, I say approximately because in Torres Bus,we offer the possibility to modify it to your liking.

I’m sorry that there’s always someone who joins at the last minute or you’ve changed your hotel.

How do I request a quote to rent a bus?

One of the easiest ways to request a quote to rent a bus is through our web form.

It is one of the fastest and easiest ways, but we also have other contact methods such as:


The use of E-Mail, is one of the most requested forms by large groups, since by sending us the mail you can add an attachment with the itinerary, which you want us to assume our commercial

Phone call:

Unlike sending an email, a phone call can be of useful importance, since it contacts our sales companies, that is, if you have any doubts, you can tell the sales company at the same time and we will advise you, always giving you the most recommended option and of course cheaper.

What kind of bus can I rent? And how much does it cost?

Without a doubt this is one of the factors that matter most, since there are different types of bus; on the one hand we have the economy class on the other side the V.I.P. class.

That is, in our company we have 3 ranges:

  • tourist
  • Business
  • V.I.P

you’ll wonder how much does it cost to rent a V.I.P. bus?

How much does it cost to rent a bus in madrid?
Cuanto cuesta alquilar un autobús en madrid
How much it costs to rent a bus in madrid

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