How much does a bus cost?

Have you ever thought, how much does a bus cost?, and I don’t mean to rent, if not to buy.

Well, now in Torres Bus, let’sexplain step by step the guidelines that we follow.

From how we choose the models and what models exist in the market, to what price the bus has.

On the one hand I have to tell you before you keep reading, that the prices that we are going to tell you are without extras, on the other hand within the same section we will compare the serial bus without extras with the extras that ours count.

How do you know which bus to buy and how much does it cost?

First of all all the origin starts in the headquarters, one of the sales commercials approaches our offices and exposes us the product that sells, for example, in the automotive sector, there are many brands from the best known as they can be,

Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Toyota, Renault, Peugeot, KIA, Ford….

there are many recognized brands, but… Do you know any bus marks? What about some bodybuilder? as you can see we already have a new word “bodybuilder”.

Unlike car brands, buses can have their own or third-party body.

What bus brands or models exist?

Currently few brands ride everything from the same company on the bus, for example:

Bus brands, and engines:

Mercedes, Man, Volvo, Scania, Iveco, King Long, Setra, DAF, Marcopolo, Tata hispano, OTOKAR, toyota, noge, VDL….

The brands currently described above, are some of the many that exist, now you will be wondering what about the bodybuilders?, well in the following list we will tell you the bodybuilders:

UNVI, daily, ferqui, irizar, sunsundegui, ayast, dyparro..

Once again or less seen that brands and bodybuilders exist we can continue.

How much does an autobus cost?

during reading you will realize the value and disbursement of buying yourself from bus companies.

Once we have already spoken to the trade and chosen the bus, we move on to the most important section, which is the comfort and extras that will include the bus. As I said at the beginning, the price of a bus without extras brand Mercedes Benz, is at 230,900 euros now from there the cost begins to rise, for example, our V.I.P coach, has the following extras and comfort:

  • Armchairs in fabric and center in braiding
  • Leather heads
  • footrest
  • Dark parquet floor
  • air conditioner
  • Double-crystal moons
  • Moon-tinted
  • DVD monitors
  • USB

and more extras, of which they are already imperceptible in nature.

The price of our model with the extras is 310,030 euros. Now you know how much a bus costs.

Then after this model we have one of the king long, for example the C12 is a self-supporting vehicle, this means that the body is mounted on top of the chassis.

This bus has a 390CV iveco engine, 390hp? then I should run a lot or so some when I got behind, my odometer marked 107KM/H or 110KM/H….

At this point I wanted to get there. Unlike passenger cars that the margin of error is 5% or 8% in some, buses have no margin for error, as their speed is LIMITED to 100KM/H

Also now you’re curious how much a minibus costs, isn’t it?

How much does a bus cost?
Here the labeling process at the EVO BUS facility in Illescas

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