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How much does it cost to rent a minibus with driver?

First tell you that if you’re looking for a certain type of transportation
such as renting a minibus with driver; you’ve arrived
to the right place.

Before requesting one of our minibuses I have to tell you about the types and capabilities that we currently have in our company.

All microbus; it has different options; In this way we classify our vehicles into 3 types.

How much does a minibus have?

Minibus from 12 to 16 seats

First of all we have decided to place this type of vehicle; as it is one of the most requested by groups of families, friends and embassies.

Since, this car in addition to being compact and comfortable, is one of the best to access complicated and narrow places.

Its measurements are 7 meters long by 2.30 meters wide and 3 meters high

Microbus from 16 to 25 seats

Secondly and equally but not least, there is the next microbus type. This vehicle is usually rented in case of carrying a large volume of luggage, since its trunk is one of the most spacious.

The types of services usually performed by this vehicle are varied, such as: airport transfer, wedding guest transfer, conventions and events.

How much does it cost to rent a minibus with driver?
Cuánto cuesta alquilar un microbús con conductor

As for renting 25-seater minibus in Madrid

How much does it cost to rent a minibus with driver?
rent minibus price 25 places Madrid

When you need to rent minibus price is the factor that is usually considered in the first place. And while it’s important to rent minibus price,not considering any other aspect is a mistake. At the end of the day, when renting minibus with driver the price does not vary so much from one company to another, so it is worth looking at something else to make sure you choose well. Let’s see what points may be relevant.

Rent minibus price 25 places in Madrid

I’m sure that’s the first thing we’re going to ask, but you don’t have to be guided only by the smallest one, as there may be conditions that motivate an overly cheap offer. We already assume, rent minibus,that the price it’s going to be affordable, since otherwise we would opt for another means of transport, so ideally compare some budgets and then, within those that fit us, choose the company with which to hire for the other factors to consider. What are these factors? Mainly the vehicles available and the reputation of the company. A reputable company will always try to keep it offering the best of the market, including modern and safer minibuses. therefore
rent minibus price

16 places without
knowing if you want if the one we are hiring is in good condition or not, it is a mistake to avoid. Rent minibus price 25 places Madrid, this type of minibuses is very versatile, serves weddings, transfers, trips, excursions with small groups, is very fast to move around small spaces and that is why customers usually hire minibuses of 25 places. Rent minibus price can go expensive at last if the vehicle has problems. Therefore, taking into account that the fluctuations in it are not so large, it is advisable to evaluate each offer as a whole. When renting minibus price, qualityand guarantee have a similar weight, and based on these characteristics of the offer should be made the decision. Call us at Telf 607372252 or

request a quote here.


Rent minibus price 25 places Madrid


Minibus from 25 to 31 seats

Finally we arrive at the minibus,this model is one of the ideal as it is small and spacious, especially dedicated for the transport of schools, excursions, day centers.

The minibus was previously considered one more minibus, but…. No! because it gathers the capacity of a Bus or Coach in a minibus.

That’s why it’s called that. For this reason it is one of the most requested vehicles by the groups described above.

How much does it cost to rent a minibus with driver?
Cuánto cuesta alquilar un microbús con conductor

What types of minibus can I rent?

In Torres Bus,we usually classify minibuses into three types,so it is easier to request and can be more easily differentiated.

First there would be the economy class minibuses, then the business type and finally the V.I.P. would come. Now you’re wondering what everyone has, aren’t you, well, below you’ll find a brief description of each one.

Economy or Standard Class

This type of minibus has the following:

Fabric armchairs, reclining and ergonomic. It also features individual light, stereo sound, air conditioning, heating, curtains and Class 1 tinted moons.

These minibuses are the most economical within our range, I also have to emphasize that that is why they are the most requested for a citytour since the dyeing of the moons is not very aggressive, they are light pulling in the dark. In addition to requesting for excursions and citytours, likewise it can be used for other services, it does not have to be specific.

How much does it cost to rent a minibus with driver?

Business or Business Class

We then move on to this class, in which it is one of the most requested by customers because it is neither expensive nor cheap, but it is comfortable.

Before I tell you the extras that this microbus has I would like to tell you that this type of microbus has been one of the most requested in 2018 by our customers, that is why we have decided to tell you the advantages it has.

This minibus features the following:

Leather armchairs in two colors, all seats are reclining and ergonomic. It also has footrest, fridge, individual reading light, stereo sound, wifi (optional), class 2 tinted moons, arm rest and usb

How much does it cost to rent a minibus with driver?
Cuánto cuesta alquilar un microbús con conductor

Class V.I.P

Finally, we show you the creme de la creme. This type of microbus is one of the best as it has the same as the business type but has more add-ons, such as:

USB ports, possibility to disable the audio of your environment, velvet-lined cabin (this reduces the noise from the outside by 60% and gains efficiency, both heat and cold), double tinted moon (prevents most UV rays from entering, and it is almost unnecessary to have to close the curtain, air suspension (this reduces vibrations since it is a type of suspension band). WIFI.

How much does it cost to rent a minibus with driver?
Cuánto cuesta alquilar un microbús con conductor


How much does it cost to rent a minibus with driver?

Continuing with the subject, usually; and unless for some circumstance it has done so before; the ordinary citizen does not know how much it costs to rent a minibus with driver.

But the minibus is a very flexible and practical means of transport that is the best solution in many cases.

The reason?.

Each service has different characteristics, since it is not the same to hire an airport transfer in Madrid,than to rent a bus for a wedding.

What factors determine the price?

First, before requesting a quote or quote, we need you to provide us with a series of data and information about the characteristics of the trip and the type of vehicle you are going to request.

It is with that information that our sales people will value the right price.

What information do we need?

To do this, the information that will be demanded from us will mainly be:

Expected number of travellers


Capacity of the vehicle we want to rent

Particular features of the service

With this data, we can now have a more accurate idea and provide you with a quote.

What approximate price can you have?

As mentioned above, we need a base on which to start a quote. but… we can give you some prices such as:

service 12 seats 25 seats 31 seats
Madrid visit 5 hrs From 120€ From 140€ From 160€
10-hour layout in Madrid From 220€ From 260€ From 300€
Arrangement for wedding and ceremony From 160€ From 180€ From 200€

minibus and minibus rental with madrid driver

Minibus rental with driver madrid prices,we are a company with a fleet of minibuses and minibuses, with which we perform various types of services, our company performs all the services of minibus rental with driver madrid prices,always driver as our company is not engaged in minibus rental WITHOUT driver by law. The best way to enjoy the minibus rental with driver madrid prices is by calling our phone number +34 607 372 252 or you can contact us as well via email,but first of all we teach you our fleet of minibuses, buses, coaches, minibuses

How much does it cost to rent a minibus with driver?
minibus rental with driver madrid prices, minibus rental in madrid, coach rental in madrid, madrid minibuses, bus rental

The company has been dedicated for more than 55 years to rent minibus with driver madrid price performing all kinds of events, parties, bachelor party, hen party, sightseeing, panoramic visit of Madrid, Toledo visit of the best known places in Spain

Minibus rental prices with Madrid driver!!

Thanks to our drivers specialized in all kinds of transfers, transfer, taxi and minibus rental services with madrid driver,we can say that we have a complete staff and above all our drivers are bilingual With a company that has a large fleet of minibuses in Madrid and Toledo

minibuses rental with driver madrid prices

Our company provides the best prices to users and our customers, as it will not only receive a comfort budget but also receive, if you call us at Telf. +34 607372252 personalized attention where we can inform you of all the details you need to make your trip or fill out the budget form minibus rental with driver madrid prices

How much does it cost to rent a minibus with driver?
Minibus rental with driver madrid prices

How much does it cost to rent a minibus with driver?
How much it costs to rent a minibus with driver

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