Bus and coach rental services

We have a wide and modern range of taxis, coaches, minibuses and luxury maxibuses, from which you can choose from 3 seats to 71, our great bet being the extensive fleet of minibuses of 16 – 19 – 25 seats and extra long buses of 15 meters of 71 seats.

In addition, our staff is made up of a qualified staff with years of experience behind the wheel in Spain and Europe, which gives security and tranquility and exquisite treatment to all our customers.

What types of services do we offer when renting a bus?

Business Travel Buses

business trip is
one in which the Chief or Bosses proposes to take a trip with the employees of your company either for enjoyment, learning or simply for transfer.


Coaches for travel in Spain

How could we define trips in Spain? Well, simple truth, you prepare the places where you want to go either Avila, Burgos, Zaragoza, Pamplona, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Santander and go down to madrid or another route that you prefer this is at the customer’s liking and at their choice.


Microbuses for travel in Europe

The most valued and best rated service is this, that of making trips in Europe, since our rental of coaches and minibuses has been visiting and watching the European capitals grow, these types of travel if you do not know how to do it do not worry, we take care of preparing and guiding you


Wedding buses

Do you want to live with me for life? marry me!! Where can I rent a bus for a wedding? this is already our question and our answer is that you can rent it with us as we have minibuses and minibuses from 12 to 30 seats and buses and coaches from 34 to 70 seats.


Airport Transfers



Panoramic Visits



Sedan Service

24H emergency department

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