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What is a Madrid Airport Transfer?

A madrid airport transfer is one of the most common ways to get around, both from the same airport to madrid and from madrid to the airport.

However, this type of services can also be complemented with different extras, such as: a panoramic one for madrid and then the transfer to the hote, a excursion to Toledo or an extra stop.

Many of our clients who have solicidate the service of madrid airport transfer,take the opportunity to know different cities, such as Sergovia, Avila, Toledo, Cuenca, Guadalajara or Torrejon de ardoz.

Thanks to the flexibility we offer you can configure the service to your liking, whenever you send us an itinerary in advance, which will have our driver and you the only thing you have to do is take out your camera and relax on the way.

How much can a Madrid airport transfer cost?

First of all, say that not all transfers are the same, some have an extra stop and others have a visit by madrid.

Secondly, it influences the type of vehicle you want, because a minibus doesn’t cost the same as a bus.

Finish the distance or kilometers that the vehicle has to travel, because for example:

  • From the airport to central madrid are 25 km aporximadamente, then we add a 3 hour layout and then the transfer to the hotel, with a 25-seater bus. The final price is 180 euros
  • From the same airport, with stop at the hotel in Madrid, check in,then make a visit to Toledo with panoramica included and 4 hours waiting. The final price is 450 euros
(prices may vary depending on bus type, schedules, tours and extras)

but… really how much can a Madrid airport transfer cost?

For example, suppose today is March 11th, okay?, and you’re looking to book a service by March 13, in this respect I have to tell you, that here commands the law of supply and demand, that is why the madrid airport transfer may come to have a approximately 150 euros

On the other hand, if you book more than 2 months in front of the reservation, the transfer can be priced approximately 70 euros

Where can I request a madrid airport transfer?

In Torres Bus we provide you with the options to request the transfer, you can fill out the form that you will find on the next page.

or you can send us an E-Mail with all the data we show you:

Name, Telephone, CIF, Places, Flight of origin, Destination, Return flight and departure time from madrid.

What is a Madrid Airport Transfer?
Madrid airport transfer

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