How to organize a school trip: keys to success

How to organize a school trip: keys to success

This type of school activities, in addition to having an academic purpose, are intended to integrate children with the environment and get them to empath with their groupmates. While bus rental is a

critical part of how to organize a school excursion, there are other details that need to be taken into account in order to bring the activity to fruition.


How to organize a school trip?

Teachers know that children’s education must go beyond the walls of school, that some lessons are better learned abroad, such as empathy, teamwork, and proper communication between people. In addition, a day out of the classroom can be very useful in children’s learning. But, as in everything, planning is essential. The basic steps to take to know how to organize a school excursion are simple.

First, determine the educational goals of the trip. To resolve this point, consider the curriculum and the age of the students. Select places that can reinforce children’s knowledge or define whether you want the trip to be fully recreational.

Secondly, choose the best place. Already keeping in mind the options for the trip, it’s time to rule out to keep only one. You can do this by considering the following recommendations:

  • Site security. Security personnel must be trained and the site must have perfectly visible emergency exit signalling, as well as protocols in the event of natural or disaster disasters.
  • Food service. Knowing this point is important. Some places have companies that offer food service, while others recommend bringing a snack and others completely prohibit food entry.
  • Conditions of the place. If the place has green areas it is necessary to know the conditions of the terrain. If it is a closed area, it is necessary to know if it is fully enabled, if there are emergency exits or if there are areas that are under repair.
  • Distance and cost of travel. If children are young, consider short trips to avoid transfer problems. It is also necessary to quote the tickets and transport in order to give a detailed report to the parents.
  • The list of activities to be performed. Think carefully about the activities you can do there, as this will finish defining where the tour is ideal.

Get the go-ahead for the school address. Each institution has its own internal regulation. Some request a document detailing the reasons, activities and learnings that will be acquired during the tour, while in other institutions it is the address that provides the formats for the parents.

It is very important to inform the parents of the place that will be visited, the activities that will be carried out, the relevance that the excursion will have in the learning of the children, the clothes they will wear and the cost of it. Parents are in charge of giving the go-ahead of the tour, so the information must be complete and you must solve any doubts that exist.

How are you going to tell the kids apart? To do this, you can select a certain T-shirt or cap color, or you can even choose to wear the school uniform. If a swimming pool is on the activity list, make sure everyone is wearing swimsuits and having regulatory-appropriate surveillance staff.

If in doubt, school trips are relevant events in children’s lives,from which they will keep memories all their lives and learnings that they will not even know at that time that they are acquiring. Having fun and learning is easy if you know how to organize a school trip. Thinking about developing this activity? We offer you the bus rental service with professional driver of to achieve an ideal school excursion.
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