How do I plan to maintain a transport fleet?

How do I plan to maintain a transport fleet?

In this blog we will explain how to plan the maintenance of a transport fleet, so that the rental of minibuses,

buses and minibuses with us gives you the certainty of being hiring a quality service.

For starters, the main objectives of a transport fleet are safety, comfort, quality and compliance of the transport service to users. The appropriate maintenance plan should pursue these objectives and ensure:

  • Vehicle availability.
  • The reduction of unforeseen mechanical failures.
  • Increasing reliability in the company that offers the service, as well as the contribution to the overall efficiency of the company.
  • Resource optimization.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs.

The execution of the maintenance plan is divided into actions to be carried out to ensure the optimal operation of the maintenance plan. These actions are:

  • Appoint the maintenance manager. The creation of the service and maintenance schedule requires a team whose sole responsibility is to ensure that the fleet receives proper maintenance. The timely service and maintenance of the transport fleet does not represent the hiring of additional personnel: a current member of the company may take responsibility.
  • Use of agenda. Proper control of vehicle revisions belonging to the fleet will allow for more optimal maintenance. This revision planning will ensure vehicle availability. There is a simple method for planning revisions: it consists of establishing a mileage so that, at the time the vehicle reaches that number, it is subject to review.
  • Daily review. Small stocks always add up. Each driver is responsible for conducting a technical inspection of the vehicle driving, as well as staying alert during travel, either on the road or within the city. This type of revision includes: tire pressure, the operation of the lights, both rear and front, as well as brake lights. The driver must be sure that his unit is free of damage that may alter the correct operation of the vehicle.
  • Weekly review. Once a week, it should be verified that the first aid kits of each vehicle have what is necessary; fire extinguishers should also be checked.
  • Registration and reporting of maintenance. It is important to have vehicle maintenance records of at least 15 months. Records must include:
  • Defect report.
  • Repairs performed.
  • Safety inspection reports.
  • Technical inspection of the vehicle.
  • Service history.
  • Any other work record made to the units.

Vehicle maintenance ensures quality of service to users. In Torres Bus we have an excellent transport fleet. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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