Torres Bus is a company that grew little by little; it all began with much sacrifice on the part of founder Marcelino Torres Fuentes; the company is currently guided by his sons Marcelino Torres Mora and Angel Torres Mora.

It all started in the 1950s when Marcellin was selling vegetables through the villages around the town of Villanueva De Bogas; this town is located within the community of Castilla – La Mancha specifically in Toledo.

Going out from the first hour until the sun was hiding.

How did the bus business come about?

Already when Marcellin was old he decided to let go of the motorcar and start a new business…

The appliance business; thus setting up his first shop. This wasn’t difficult, but it wasn’t easy either; because with regard to when I was with the motorcar selling through the villages; it was raining, ha ha ha ha ha harying and different types of weather climates.

It started with a large disbursement of money to build the store; gradually he recovered his money from the investment and that’s when he wanted to make another leap; usually Marcellin would have settled, but no.

He decided to get into the hospitality business; to start opened a bar, then opened a restaurant and then a hostel.

From this is where it all began, Villanueva is a town that before; communicated other locations, as a result of this:

  • First, a lot of trucks were passing by.
  • Second: It was the only hostel in 50 km around.
  • Third: It was the first wedding hall open in more than 20 km.

The first bus

When Marcellin realized that he needed a means of transport to move people between villages; I wanted to buy the first bus to rent by the people in the area; that’s when I set up the wedding and banquet service at the hostel.

He thought that since he had the first coach he could sell it in some way; And so it was; in addition to the Pegasus (in case you don’t know it sticky currently is IVECO)later I buy a Setra S154.

What’s Torres Bus like now?

Good question, Torres Bus before when I founded it Marcellin was Autocares Torres Bus; by then it already had a fleet of 4 buses.

Currently the company has more than 15 buses with different capacities and microbuses the same.

Right now you’re going to wonder how many places we have. Okay, I’m going to tell you; we start with the 12-seater one followed by the 16- and 18-seater one; after those we have already climbed to 25, 30, 33; after these squares we are already up to 37 and 39 places; you’re wondering if we don’t have a bus or large buses; yes, but I nevertheless like to comment from lowest to highest the heheed squares; good now if of the previous squares on the other hand we already have the bus of 54, 55, 57 seats and finally the largest of all the 71 seats.

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