Tourist bus rental in Madrid

The rental of tourist buses in Madrid with driver is an unbeatable way to know the city and the most beautiful corners of the province. In a place with so many historical corners, so many monuments and corners to discover, move with the ease, speed and determination of a tourist bus will be one of the ways to enjoy the city, do tourism and be able to see as many emblematic places of the capital as possible.

We will adapt to the pick-up point and the schedule or duration of the excursions chosen by the client, as well as their budget.


Tourist bus rental in Madrid with driver: advantages

  • Price. The bus is the most economical means of transport compared to others. The difference with respect to the train, for example, can reach up to 50%.

The price can also vary depending on the different routes or excursions being able to make trips of a single day to more distant places.

  • Hourly availability. The rental of a tourist bus in Madrid with driver, either for excursions or as a discretionary service, requires a specific schedule that is always previously agreed after analyzing the route to follow or the necessary stops for the collection of passengers in different parts of the city.
  • Comfort and entertainment. The buses of our fleet are adapted to all kinds of needs, such as people with restricted mobility, reclining seats, large trunk for the storage of backpacks, DVD player, Wifi or electricity outlets for recharging mobile phones or tablets.
  • Alternative excursions. We have alternative routes, excursions or visits that can offer a variety of leisure in less crowded or known places.


Tourist coach in Madrid: safety

The safety of our customers and employees has always been fundamental for Torres Bus, but at this time it is even more so. That is why we have drawn up a mandatory Covid protocol that adds to all the usual safety measures such as individual seat belts, rest or relay times for drivers and, of course, compulsory passenger insurance. Can check our Covid protocol

at this link before traveling with us.


Tourist bus in Madrid: booking and cancellation

Given the current health situation and since the current legislation in this regard may change from one moment to the next in response to the health authorities and the evolution of the pandemic, we offer you the possibility to cancel the reservation without additional costs and in exchange for full reimbursement when required for reasons of restriction of mobility.

Usually, the reservation must be made several days before the date of the trip or excursions making a deposit, by bank transfer or credit card of 40% of the total and that will be considered as a binding reservation.


Tourist bus rental in Madrid

Tourist coach in Madrid: added services

If you rent with ostros a tourist coach in Madrid we can offer you several complementary services added to the usual ones, such as the driver or the bilingual guide, catering service if the excursion has a duration that requires it, in addition our fleet is equipped with Wifi, WC and electricity outlets for recharging mobile devices.


Where to take the tourist bus in Madrid?

To be able to catch a tourist bus in Madrid you can contact us by phone at the number (34) 607 372 252 write to our email

or you can send us your proposal to our questionnaire of reservations and budget

telling us where and when you want us to pick you up. We, once booked the trip, we approach the place you choose, either for greater accessibility or comfort of the group.


How much does the tourist bus cost in Madrid?

The price of renting a bus may suffer some variation due to seasonality, destination, excursions to be made, night or holiday schedules, number of passengers, additional services contratados….es so we always advise that request a quote without obligation letting us know exactly what your needs are, routes, final destination and concrete plans.


How long is the tourist bus in Madrid?

The duration of a tourist bus rental in Madrid will have the duration that the client wants, so simple and without great complications. Just tell us day, passengers, time and destination so we can couple our fleet to your needs.


Which tourist bus is best in Madrid?

Torres Bus is undoubtedly the best tourist bus in Madrid. Fifty years of experience support this fact. Year after year we grow as a company thanks to the trust of our thousands of satisfied customers and we can offer them unbeatable services that will make your trip to Madrid unforgettable. From bilingual guides and drivers, exclusive catering services, coaches and high-end vehicles with unbeatable performance… and above all and most importantly: our immense human capital formed by drivers with many years of experience in the familiar and jealous treatment with customers who undoubtedly contribute an extra to our service.

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