Cheese Routes in Madrid

Cheese Routes in Madrid

Madrid is a city that has a lot to offer. If you are going to visit it and have already done
your minibus rental in Madrid,
it is time to look for the activities to be done. Following a route can be an excellent idea, as it allows you to get to know several places in a short time Would you like to know the cheese routes in Madrid on your next trip? Read on to find out.


Cheese Routes in Madrid

The Madrid Institute of Rural Research and Development, Agricultural and Food (IMIDRA), within its food research line, found a total of twenty-nine cheeses made throughout fourteen different municipalities, which were grouped into five zones, resulting in the Cheese Routes in Madrid.

Cheeses from the Countryside

This route runs from two municipalities: Campo Real and Fuente el Saz de Jarama. Most of these cheeses are produced by the Castellana cooperative of Ganaderos, where tradition in cheese production is an essential part of the process. Here you will find:

  • Tender Royal Field Sheep Cheese, Campo Real.
  • Semi-cured traditional Campo Real Cheese, Campo Real.
  • Royal Old Sheep Field Cheese, Campo Real.
  • Royal Half-cured Sheep Field Cheese, Campo Real.
  • Villalón Albe Cheese, Jarama’s Saz Fountain.
  • Burgos Albe Cheese, Jarama’s Saz Fountain.

Cheeses from the Sierra Oeste

Although this route has only one stopover, the municipality of Fresnedillas de la Oliva you will find three types of cheese, each with smell characteristics such as: dairy, vegetable, spicy and animal notes. The solubility in the mouth of the three cheeses is medium and high, respectively

  • La Cabezuela Traditional Cheese.
  • The Boot Goat Cheese.
  • Creamy lingote cheese.

Cheese from the region of Torrelaguna

In Torremocha del Jarama and Torrelaguna you will find three different types of cheeses, all with a soft, juicy taste and with a high presence of surface moisture.

  • Fresh Helechal Goat Cheese, Torremocha del Jarama.
  • La Pastora del Guadarrama semi-cured cheese, Torrelaguna.
  • La Pastora del Guadarrama fresh cheese, Torrelaguna.

Cheeses from the Las Vegas region

The route runs through Chinchón, Valdelaguna, Colmenar de Oreja, San Martín de la Vega and Ciempozuelos. The cheeses of this route are firm, soft, elastic, strong and soft flavors, some with marked salty notes, with high smell-taste sensations.

  • Cured Yellow Rose Cheese, Chinchón.
  • Semi-cured Yellow Rose Cheese, Chinchón.
  • Gigorro Semi-cured cheese, Valdelaguna.
  • Cured Ciriaco Cheese, Ear Colmenar.
  • Semi-cured Ciriaco Cheese, Ear Colmenar.
  • Vega goat’s Rulito cheese from San Martin, San Martín de la Vega.
  • Matured cheese from San Martin, San Martín de la Vega.
  • Semi-cured Marqués de Mendiola cheese, Ciempozuelos.

Cheeses from the Sierra de Guadarrama

This tour covers the municipalities of Miraflores de la Sierra, Colmenar Viejo, Navarredonda and San Mamés and Guadalix de la Sierra. Here, you’ll try firm cheeses, others with little firmness, some quite juicy and some devoid of this feature. This is a fairly varied route. The cheeses you will find are:

  • Cured Peña Gorda goat cheese, Miraflores de la Sierra.
  • Semi-cured Goat Peña Gorda Cheese, Miraflores de la Sierra.
  • Cheese La Laguna de cabra, Miraflores de la Sierra.
  • La Laguna de oveja cheese, Miraflores de la Sierra.
  • La Najarra cheese, Miraflores de la Sierra.
  • Haunted Cheese of the Semi-cured Sierra, Colmenar Viejo.
  • Pure Holy Mamés goat cheese pasteurized milk, Navarredonda and San Mamés.
  • Pure Holy Mamés goat cheese, Navarredonda and San Mamés.
  • Pure Peña Rubia sheep cheese, Guadalix de la Sierra.

Most cheese parlors that are included in the routes bet on artisanal and family production. It is even possible to find that animals are raised on the farms of families. In Torres Bus we offer you the minibus rental service so that you can get a delicious and unforgettable experience by the different cheese routes in Madrid.
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